With the festive season quickly approaching, your to-do list may be getting longer. Between Christmas shopping, festive baking, and present wrapping, cleaning your house ready for Christmas can seem overwhelming when it feels like you don’t have enough hours in a day!

Don’t know where to start? Not sure what jobs to complete? Look no further, here is our Pre-Christmas checklist to ensure your house is spick and span ready for the holidays.

Now let's break it down room by room …


When conducting a big clean we recommend starting top to bottom. So, a good place to begin is the bedrooms.

Firstly, grab a black bag and begin by removing any rubbish or clutter from the bedrooms, this gives you a fresh space to work in.

Next, begin a regular bedroom clean. Dust and polish all surfaces, hoover the floors, and put on fresh bedding.

If you have people staying over the festive period, ensure the guest bedroom is well kept by completing all of the above tasks whilst also removing any personal belongings from the room to ensure your guests have enough space!


Although this time of year means mince pies and eggnog, it also means colds and sniffles… That is why cleaning the bathroom for the festive period is vital, no one wants the flu on Christmas day!

Get your gloves on, grab some disinfectant, and get scrubbing. Apply the disinfectant to all surfaces, including the toilet, sink and taps. Dampen a cloth using warm water and wipe all surfaces.

Don’t forget your toilet, get some good toilet bleach, and scrub the inside of the bowl using a toilet brush till it’s squeaky clean.

Using a glass cleaner, wipe down any mirrors and if you have a glass or plastic shower screen don’t forget to wipe any soap scum away.

Ensure you sweep and mop with a disinfectant to kill all those germs sitting on the floor.

Finally, put down some new bathroom matts, top up the toilet rolls, ensure all the towels are fresh, pop in a nice bathroom freshener to keep that clean smell, and you are good to go!

Living room

Your living room will most likely be the social hub of your Christmas gatherings, so it needs to be clean.

Remove any clutter or items that should be elsewhere, this gives you a cleared space ready to hoover. Hoover all carpets, rugs, and upholstery to make sure there is no lingering dirt or Christmas tree needles.

Next, complete a general clean of the living room. Wipe and dust all surfaces, including the coffee table, tv stand and windowsills!

If you want to go that extra mile, wash all cushions and pillow covers on a cold delicate cycle.


One of the most important parts of Christmas is the food! From baking gingerbread to cooking a full feast, your kitchen is going to go through it. Give yourself a head start and prep your kitchen to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness for all the festive treats.

Sometimes it's best to get the hardest tasks out of the way! Start with your kitchen appliances: your oven is going to be used the most during this festive period and a dirty oven will affect the taste of all your delicious food. Don’t ruin the Christmas dinner by skipping this step, here is a full guide on making sure your oven is spotless.

Another appliance to not forget about is your microwave. Take out any removable parts and, using hot soapy water and a cloth, wipe the interior of the microwave.

If you feel you need to go that extra step, spray a disinfectant after the soapy water and further wipe down all inside surfaces, don’t forget the door! Clean each removable part and place them back in. Just like that, your microwave is basically brand new!

If you’ve done your Christmas food shop, got home and realised your fridge is full of random leftovers, it's time to give it a good clean ready for your holiday feast! Follow these steps to get your fridge sparkling:

• Remove all food, drawers, and shelves

• Place all drawers and shelves in hot soapy water and leave to soak

• Using hot soapy water and a cloth, wipe all the interior and exterior of the fridge, make sure you get all the nooks and crannies!

• Using kitchen roll or a dry towel, dry the fridge

• Return to the soaking drawers and shelves, wipe them down, dry, and put them back in the fridge

• Neatly put away all food back into the fridge.

And that is how you get your fridge ready for your Christmas food.

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, it’s important to not forget the surfaces. Spray your surfaces with a disinfectant, get a bowl of hot soapy water and a cloth, and wipe all over the sink and any countertops. Don’t forget any tiles and grout.

The last thing you want is the smell of your bins to overpower the smell of the delicious turkey roasting in the oven!

When dealing with bins, the first step is to, put on your rubber gloves

• Make sure you remove all bin bags

• Spray the bin with antibacterial cleaner

• Using the kettle pour boiling water all over the interior of the bin

• Leave to soak for around 15 minutes

• Next, wipe down the bin to remove any food debris or spills

• Tip out the water and leave to dry before popping in a new bin bag, then you are good to go!

Pro tip: Add a few drops of essential oil to the bottom of the bin bag for a nicer smell for longer.

The final step to check off your kitchen cleaning is the floors. Make sure you sweep up any dirt and finish off with a thorough mop.

Last minute touches

Once you have made your way through our Pre-Christmas checklist, you are pretty much good to go. However, we recommend spreading these tasks over a week or two to help ease your Christmas workload! Therefore, by the time your guests arrive and Santa has dropped off the presents, there may be a few tasks to make sure your house is good to go.

We recommend:

• Double check all clutter is removed from the house

• General quick cleans of surfaces or any noticeably dirty areas

• Use a lint roller on any upholstery to make sure all those annoying dog hairs are gone

• Make sure all toiletries are stocked up

• Finally, light your Winter Berries candle and relax!

Don’t have enough time?

Sometimes the holiday season can be overwhelmingly busy and cleaning your house is simply out of reach, that's what we are here for! Here at ACS our team are ready to get your house ready for Christmas, get in contact today to book in for your house to be professionally cleaned this Christmas.