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At A Cleaning Service, we are experts in commercial kitchen cleaning services and we take commercial kitchen safety very seriously. Our technicians are trained to professionally clean the oven, ducting, extraction systems and canopies to the TR/19 BESA standard. This level of cleaning is usually required as standard as part of the buildings insurance and is an extremely important document to ensure you are compliant with fire regulations.

We can provide specialist kitchen cleaning for large restaurant chains as well as local diners, restaurants, pubs, schools, care homes, hotels and other commercial food preparation areas.

What’s included in commercial kitchen cleaning?

  • One of our trained technicians will come and assess the areas to be cleaned in your commercial kitchen, carrying out relevant tests and providing a full breakdown of our recommendations for cleaning and maintaining the system to ensure you are compliant.
  • Full, deep clean of the oven, ducting, extraction systems using industry leading cleaning products and equipment.
  • Cleaning carried out to TR/19 BESA standards.
  • Comprehensive report provided after cleaning including system schematics, test results and our recommendations to ensure the system is compliant.
  • Easy to understand traffic light identification system used for reporting. No complicated jargon to understand and translate!
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Did you know…

We never want to think about the possibility of something bad happening. Especially something as bad, heart breaking and damaging as a kitchen fire at your business. However, if this did ever happen, the first thing that will be checked is how the fire was caused and what safety measures were in place that should have prevented the fire from occurring. If your cooking and ventilation systems are poorly maintained and your commercial kitchen is not regularly cleaned, this can even void your insurance policies.

Case Study:

We recently visited a restaurant in Bristol to conduct a survey for their ductwork, canopy and cooking facilities. When investigating the ductwork we noticed some major safety issues that were a huge fire risk! We completed the clean and removed over 30 litres of grease from the ductwork. As part of our service, after the clean they received a full report and certification to confirm the system is now up to standard and they have the peace of mind knowing their ductwork is now safe

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