In a commercial kitchen, all kinds of culinary products are produced everyday, making maintaining kitchen cleanliness vital when running a catering business. This is to ensure hygiene and health and safety standards are met.  


Daily kitchen cleaning is necessary. However, bigger tasks such as cleaning your extraction fan can be easily skipped despite the dangers of leaving this task.  

People tend to avoid this job for many reasons. Whether it be because it is a difficult job to complete without professional help, or a lack of understanding of the importance of maintaining hygiene in this area of the kitchen.  


On average, almost 6000 commercial fires are caused by unclean kitchen extraction systems. Therefore, it has become a legal responsibility of any owners and operators to ensure all extraction appliances meet regulations.  


In this blog, we will explain the importance of cleaning your extraction fan while describing our process for this service.


Importance of cleaning a kitchen extraction unit


There are many reasons as to why a kitchen extraction system is vital within a commercial kitchen. Here are some of the reasons why installing a kitchen extraction unit is crucial when running a catering business.  


Removal of Smoke and Gas  


In a busy kitchen, smoke and gas can cause a real problem if not dealt with properly. Excess smoke and gas can lead to lower air quality and higher risk of fires, meaning an unhappy and uncomfortable working environment. Not to mention a breach of health and safety regulations.  



Eradicates Odours and Fumes  


Odours within a kitchen are inevitable. However, having an extractor fan located above your stove will help eliminate any fumes and odours whilst the kitchen is in use.  

This will help prevent any unhappy neighbours, staff, and customers due to unwanted odours circulating the kitchen without adequate ventilation.  

Assisting with Heat Control  


Heat can be a real issue for staff who are working in a commercial kitchen. Heat rises, making it beneficial to have an extraction fan above the oven and stove areas. This will ventilate the heat from the kitchen and result in a cooler workspace for employees.  

Damage prevention


Removing smoke, odours, gases, and fumes from the kitchen will help prevent any damage to any equipment, as well as the walls and building itself.


Dangers of an unclean extraction unit


Cleaning your kitchen extraction unit is so important for many reasons. Without cleaning your extraction unit frequently, it will become clogged with combustible materials. Regular cleaning will help prevent risk of fire and many other health hazards.  


The main dangers of a clogged extraction system:

  • Increased risk of fire  
  • Reduced air flow  
  • Increased likelihood of bacteria growth  
  • Foul odours
  • Reduced lifespan of the system
  • Invalidation of business insurance  

Benefits to cleaning your extraction unit  


There are many benefits to having your extraction unit professionally deep cleaned. A few of the main reasons are:

Reducing the risk of fire in the kitchen


Leaving your extraction unit uncleaned allows grease to build up, creating a fire hazard. Maintaining cleanliness of the extraction system removes this grease before it becomes a risk.


Enhanced performance and energy usage  


Inadequate cleaning of your extraction unit can lead it to be damaged and stop working correctly. This can be due to general wear and tear, build-up of grime, and clogged parts.  

Completing regular deep cleans of your unit will reduce all these risks and ensure your extraction unit is working to its full capacity. This also means your system has greater energy efficiency.  


Easier for your staff


Having a professional cleaning company complete a deep clean of your extraction system means that your staff's day-to-day maintenance of the unit is much simpler!  

With regular surface and general cleaning from your employees, your extraction unit will be properly maintained before your next routine service.  

How frequently is cleaning needed  

The frequency of cleaning really depends on how often your kitchen is used. At a minimum, all operational kitchen extraction units must be cleaned every 12 months.  

However, in a busy commercial kitchen these units will usually be cleaned more frequently due to regular use, meaning a faster build-up of grease.  


It is important to check the individual insurance policy of your unit, as this will show how frequently your system requires cleaning.  


Daily upkeep of the extraction systems is still essential. Ensuring all staff are regularly maintaining general cleanliness of the extractor will maintain health and safety measures within the kitchen.

However, it is imperative to use a kitchen extraction cleaning service to ensure a professional deep clean is completed when necessary.  


Having a professional team complete a deep clean of your extraction unit is essential. To reform fire safety order, ensure maximum food hygiene, reduce fire risk, and generally meet the high standards of commercial kitchen cleaning.


Our process  


All our technicians are professionally trained to clean all extraction systems, ducts, and canopy hoods to the TR/19 BESA standard.  

Our cleaning process will begin with one of our technicians coming to the site and completing an assessment by conducting tests to assess which areas to be cleaned.  


Once the assessment is complete, our specialist cleaning team will get to work on the job. A deep clean of the entire extraction system will then take place using industry cleaning chemicals and equipment.  


Following the clean, a report will be provided including system schematics, test results and any recommendations to make sure the system remains compliant.


You can find out more about our extraction cleaning process by contacting us and speaking to one of our experts.


Day-to day upkeep  


Although professional cleans of your extraction unit is vital, you must ensure regular upkeep of the system is also completed to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the unit.  


Surface spot cleaning of the exterior of the unit should be a part of day-to-day cleaning. Using degreasers and industrial cleaners can help prevent any dirt and grime build up.  


Every 1 to 2 weeks, correctly remove any filters and give them a thorough clean, either using a degreaser or a brush to remove any grease and dust.


Need a professional clean?


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