The Christmas period is here, and our thoughts are turning to festive celebrations, family dinners, office parties and entertaining, but hosting a get together at home or in the workplace can be a nightmare for flooring!! So, here are our top tips to minimise staining, keeping your carpets in good shape to be able to see their way into the New Year...

Hoover Regularly:

You might be able to get away running the hoover around once a week most of the year, but you certainly won't at Christmas! It's essential to hoover regularly, as it’s not just about keeping everything looking clean for your guests, it's important to minimise the amount of debris settling down, deep into the fibres of yourcarpets, especially in high traffic areas such as halls, entranceways, and anywhere people are eating. Food particles and drinks can turn into mould and bacteria if not cleaned from carpets and rugs. Small crumbs can make their way right down the pile of the material, so make sure to direct the hoover in various directions to remove all the unwanted substances from the carpet.


Ask Guests toRemove Shoes:

The number one cause of staining and wear on carpets is footfall, the higher the volume of traffic the more the damage will be caused, especially if shoes are worn. Ask that your guests remove their outdoor footwear when they arrive, or if you are not comfortable doing this, place a cheap shoe rack at your front door to prompt them or ask them to bring their party shoes or slippers with them whatever suits the mood of the party.


Place Mats in HighTraffic Areas:

There’s always that one guest who will (unintentionally) walk straight in your home with muddy shoes, so it’s worth being prepared and spending a few pounds on some inside and outside floor mats. They only need to be a temporary measure, and they will prevent too much dirt being carried onto your carpets.


And if the worst comes to the worst and there is a little accident, blot any spillages with kitchen towel, the more of the spillage you blot up, the greater chance of getting it all out of the carpet, but DON’T use shop-bought stain removers! They don’t usually work very well and in many cases, they can cause further damage to your carpets or upholstery, by either setting the stain deeper into the material or due to the harsh chemicals they generally contain, they are prone to causing permanent colour damage which cannot be reversed.


Finally, if you are unable to clean the carpet thoroughly on your own, do not panic, a professional carpet cleaner can fix most problems. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services are the most efficient way to get your carpets back in pristine condition, so when your carpets, hard flooring or sofas need bringing back to life in the new year, don’t hesitate to contact us <<here>>!