Most of the time, the regular routine of cleaning your carpets does the job.  You vacuum the carpets regularly, clear up any stains that appear and generally the carpet looks in good condition.

But to clear the debris you can’t always see or to handle the biggest stains, you may need a regular professional carpet cleaning service.  This is where experts come to your home with specialist equipment and clean the carpet to a whole new level.  But what should you expect during a carpet cleaning service?

Why use a carpet cleaning service?

Carpet cleaning is one of those jobs that seems like a perfect DIY task.  You can hire a carpet cleaner from most supermarkets and simply get on and do the job yourself.  So why pay someone to do it for you?

Saves time

Top of the list of reasons for a professional carpet cleaning service is that it saves you a lot of time.  Cleaning carpets can be fiddly and time consuming plus there’s the getting the machine and returning it.  When you have someone handling it for you, all you need is to be there to let them in and check the finished job.

Ensures a deeper clean

If you have anyone in the house with allergies to things like dust or even pet hair in larger amounts, then carpet cleaning is going to make a big difference to them. Ensuring that those allergens are removed will make their daily lives more comfortable.  It also removes things like mould and mildew which can grow under the visible areas of the carpet and cause nasty reactions when spores are released into the air.

Top quality job (and protection)

Using a carpet cleaning ensures that you have a top quality job carried out but also offers you protection.  Things going wrong for professionals is very rare but if it does, they are insured to handle the damage.  If you DIY clean the carpet and something goes wrong, you have to foot the bill yourself.

Lengthen the carpet’s lifespan

When you buy a carpet, you will be told that regular maintenance will lengthen it’s lifespan and make for the best value for money possible.  By adding professional cleaning to this, you can take it one step further and get the longest possible life from every carpet.

Handle the toughest stains

Some stains are simply a nightmare and if you don’t know just the right way to handle them for your type of carpet, you can make things worse.  By having a professional handle it, you can be sure that there’s no stain that doesn’t have a solution and that things will be better, not worse after treatment.

lady professionally cleaning beautiful white carpets at home

Before the service

Any professional service should start with the quote.  This is where someone either provides a standard price or a specific one that needs a visit, you will get a clear idea of the price and what will be involved.  

For example, with some cleaning companies, you don’t need to do a thing – they will move furniture, clean the carpet and put everything back.  But not everyone does so make sure this is included in the quote, so you don’t have all the work of moving furniture before the carpet cleaners arrive.

They will also be able to tell you when the cleaning service will take place so you can be certain someone is at home to let them in.

The cleaning service

Exactly what will be done during the cleaning service will depend a lot on the type of carpets you have and the nature of any stains on them.  But there are some general processes that most carpet cleaning services will follow.

First, there’s the dry vacuuming.  This is often with a high powered vacuum that can suck up more of the debris hidden in the carpet than a normal vacuum cleaner will manage. By doing this first, all that loose debris is removed.

Next there’s the handling of any stains.  Again, it depends on what the stains are and how long they have been in place as to how the carpet cleaners will handle them. But most stains will have specific approaches depending on the type of carpet.  Their knowledge of these variations is one of the biggest benefits of using a professional carpet cleaner.

After this, the full cleaning will take place.  This will involve a hot water extraction in some cases to wash through all of the debris and dirt and remove it from the carpet.  Different systems may be used if you have certain types of carpet and the cleaning expert will go through what they are doing as part of the quote process.

Special parts of the service

Depending on what you requested, there may be particular treatments carried out at this point in the service.  Perhaps you have had some concerns about mould growing in the carpet after some water got in.  This is when the cleaners will check this and use any mould removing products.

You may also want additional treatments such as insecticide treatments, stain treatments or more advanced sanitising treatments which can also be applied depending on on your requirements.

After the carpet cleaning service

Once the cleaning and other services are complete, it is then up to you to check everything is okay and you are happy with the service.  Quality cleaning companies won’t consider the job finished until the client signs off on it, so this is your chance to check anything or point out anything you have spotted.

Most carpet cleaning companies offer some form of guarantee for work done.  All work should be done by people who are fully insured, and they often offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You should understand what this means and any terms that apply to it.

The right help for the job

Carpet cleaning is one of those jobs best handled by a professional.  The process is a simple one and what to expect is a quick and efficient job that leaves your carpets in top condition. Give us a call on 0117 325 9250 today, and we’ll have your carpet back to its best in no time.