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Ensure your cleaning service takes extra care to sanitise your domestic or commercial property during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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How does it work?

Fogging works by creating a high-powered mist which is sprayed onto all surfaces including walls and ceilings. The outside doors will be sealed off and the technician uses the equipment to spray the antiviral mist in the affected areas. The area should then be left vacant for approximately 2 hours before re-entering.

What is it used for?

The main reason to use fogging is to fully sanitise an area. For example, if someone in the workplace has been affected by coronavirus, fogging can be used to decontaminate the building to ensure traces of Covid 19 is eradicated from the workspace creating a safe and sanitised working environment.

However, fogging has many other purposes including insecticide treatments and deodorising treatments. Examples of when a deodorising treatment may be required would be if the property has a strong pet smell that you would like to get rid of or perhaps the property has been affected by smoke damage.

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ATP testing:

We also have access to industry leading ATP machinery. The ATP machine (luminometer) is a small handheld device which detects the levels of adenosine triphosphate. The luminometer measures the quantity of light and its reaction to the enzymes, micro-organisms and bacteria in approximately 15 seconds to see if a surface is truly clean. Therefore, as a company, not only do we provide specialist fogging and infection control services, but we also go the extra mile by providing scientific testing to ensure the area is clean, sanitised and safe to use.

Our guarantee to you:

  • We will use industry leading products and equipment to ensure your workplace is left safe and sanitised.
  • We give a fast emergency response
  • We are fully qualified, trained and insured
  • We use full PPE including industry leading respirators and protective overalls when required to prevent recontamination

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