Many day-to-day cleaning duties already feel so tiresome and frustrating. Bigger tasks like cleaning all your upholstered furniture can feel impossible.

However, it is an important job you should not skip!

What is upholstery?

Upholstery is the material and padding that covers your furniture, from sofas to stools. Most of your furniture will be protected with upholstery fabric.

Your home’s upholstery is something that is used and abused every day, over time your furniture will begin to look damaged and discoloured. If it has been a while since you last deep cleaned your furniture, it might be time to call a professional!

The importance of cleaning your upholstery

Within a household, your upholstery absorbing grime is inevitable. Whether it be from spills, food particles, animal fur or dust, bacteria will build up no matter what!

Cleaning your furniture every day is not necessary. However, when it’s left too long, the build-up of grime can become harmful.

Build-up of dirt can lead to fungus and bacteria growth. These hiding in your upholstery can create not only odd smells but many health problems like allergies, breathing problems and even infectious diseases.

Furniture is an investment! Not having regular cleaning services will be damaging to your upholstery. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will extend the life of your furniture and get it looking brand new! Whilst also removing harmful bacteria build up.

How to maintain upholstery cleaning

Maintaining upholstered furniture can seem like a big task, but there are a few things you can do to help prevent any dangers arising!

·      Use a Fabric Protector

An obvious help in upholstery maintenance is protecting your fabric. Using fabric protector prevents spills from absorbing into the upholstery right away. This isn’t a final fix!

Promptly cleaning up any spills with a clean cloth is essential else they will sit and stew, this is how bacteria begins to form!

·      Va Va Vacuum

Hoovering your furniture weekly will provide general cleanliness and remove surface dirt

·      Clean Messes on the Spot

Spot cleaning is vital to maintaining your furniture’s sanitation. We recommend using a mild cleansing product or homemade mixture of detergent, white vinegar and baking soda. Use a soft bristle brush in circular motions to work the solution into the weave of the fabric.

·      A Breath of Fresh Air

Upholstery easily absorbs odours, and although avoiding pollutants such as smoke or cooking fumes is impossible. Ensuring the correct ventilation will assist with bad aromas, helping prevent the odours clinging to your furniture.

Self cleaning your upholstery is a fantastic way to reduce dirt and grime. However, bacteria hides beneath the surface, away from quick-fix solutions. Without being professionally cleaned, it can eventually build up and become harmful.

Benefits of professional upholstery cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning is a sure and effortless way to get your furniture looking and feeling brand new! It also presents many other benefits:

Prolonging the furniture life

Furniture can be an investment, so it is important to give it some TLC, to prolong its condition.

The longer upholstery is left uncleaned, the more bacteria can build up. This can make it harder to remove. Store bought cleaning products can be too harsh for upholstery fabrics and can damage your furniture. The harsh chemicals can also be damaging to you and the environment!

Regular professional upholstery cleaning will keep your furniture fresh and clean, as well as preventing any stains and dirt to settle. This will help you to maintain your furniture while making it hygienic and clean.

Removing odours

Can’t figure out what those unpleasant smells are in your house? It probably means it is time for a professional upholstery clean!

Upholstery material absorbs odours over time, whether it be from cigarettes, cooking, or pets. Air fresheners are only a short-term fix. Without professional cleaning, the issue will return. Upholstery cleaning services will remove the bacteria from deep within the fabric. Eliminating the pungent odours and leaving your furniture smelling fresher for longer!

Air quality

If people in your house are suffering with allergies or breathing problems, it might be due to your furniture! Build-up of dust and other allergens in your upholstery fabric can be harmful and, once disturbed, circulate back through the air. This is when they may trigger any respiratory issues.

Professional cleaning services will use an industrial hoover, removing deeper dust from your upholstery. Fresh air again at last!

Time saving

We all have busy lifestyles. day-to-day cleaning duties can feel like a big enough task, let alone thinking about cleaning your upholstery!

If you are worried about what is lurking in your upholstery, having your furniture cleaned to a professional standard will put your mind at ease. It will also manage a much better job than any store-bought cleaner!

Leather cleaning

Leather can last a lifetime when looked after properly!

Leather upholstery (just like fabric upholstery) needs a bit of TLC to extend its lifespan. Odours and grime clings to the leather, creating bacteria.

Professionally treating and restoring your leather furniture will keep it looking beautiful and return it back to its former glory.

The ACS way!

It is our focus to achieve the best results for you. Priding ourselves in being completely eco-friendly and having a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We have everything you need for that perfect upholstery deep clean. Starting with a high-powered extraction method to remove any dirt and bacteria deep within the upholstery, while also sanitising, de-odorising and removing deep stains from your furniture

When to use this service?

Upholstery cleaning is dependent on many things, the main one being how regularly your furniture is used, as well as the last time you had an upholstery cleaning service. We recommend a deep professional clean should take place once or twice every 2 years.

This, however, is unless you notice nasty odours, or you know your upholstery is used and damaged by day-to-day life of children, pets, and general use! In this case, we suggest a more regular use of this service.

Get in contact today to get a free quote and speak to a specialist for all your upholstery cleaning needs!