You and your team can benefit from an office deep cleaning in many ways. By investing in a professional office cleaning service, you can create a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace for your employees and visitors. Considering the hours the average office worker spends at their place of employment, a clean environment is essential to staying healthy and organised.

When you want your facility to be as clean as possible, regular spot cleaning is not enough. While a lot of parts of your office may go untouched during the regular cleaning process, areas that don't get used very often can become unclean and hazardous over time, which is why deep cleanings are so necessary.

If you’re thinking of hiring a service to clean your office for you, do you know what to expect during the deep clean?

Why should you deep clean an office space? 

A work environment can be made a significantly nicer place to be by deep cleaning. Your office and the people who  use it can be more productive when workers feel it is well-maintained, clean, and safe.

The mould, dust, and bacteria that have quietly built up in your office, even if it appears to be clean, can create substantial problems, both for your health and for the longevity of your facilities. This is especially true if your office has not been deep cleaned following the multiple lockdowns! 

With a deep cleaning, professionals can reach all parts of the office, including corners and workspaces that aren't used all that often which might be overlooked. The equipment and surfaces employees touch every day will be paid particular attention to so that they stay hygienic. This leads to improved morale and productivity.

A clear space is a clear mind; this means office-goers have a more positive attitude towards work. Additionally, deep cleaning reduces the likelihood of illnesses spreading, reducing absences.

Maintaining a clean office also allows your business to impress investors and other visitors, making them feel more confident about doing business with you. Making the right impression when visitors enter your office is important, and a thorough deep clean can make this easier.

Prolong the lifespan of your resources

Office equipment and furniture can be expensive. It’s likely that these features will receive heavy use for five days of the week, so it’s likely to build up dirt and bacteria over time, even if it’s not visible.

You want your furniture to last as long as possible if you have a limited budget. Resources including your office upholstery can be shortened by bacteria, mould, or wear and tear. 

The need to replace your office furniture can be significantly lessened if you deep clean!

How often is deep cleaning needed?

Your regular cleaning activities like vacuuming and wiping surfaces should be accompanied by deep cleaning as part of your rota. 

A deep clean is usually performed once every three months or so. This would involve surfaces, ceilings and light fixtures being regularly disinfected, dusted and vacuumed. Hidden surfaces, ceilings and light fixtures in hard-to-reach spots should also be attended to.

The deep cleaning process starts at the very top, with the ceilings and lighting fixtures, and moves down to the walls, desks and floors.

Apart from office spaces, deep cleaning typically includes any kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, stairs, lifts, reception areas, and patios. An inspection is carried out prior to the end of the cleaning process to ensure nothing has been missed.

What does a deep clean consist of?

A deep clean does what it says on the tin! Every part of your office will be scrubbed up, leaving it clean, clear and hygienic. This includes the parts that might usually go unnoticed. 

In addition to specialist services, the clean will cover the daily tasks of staying clean and tidy. This includes:

  • General office space cleaning
  • Carpet, hard floor and rug cleaning
  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Kitchen/food area cleaning and disinfecting
  • Collecting and removing rubbish
  • Toilet cleaning (when agreed beforehand)

Carpet Cleaning

If your office has a carpet, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep it clean when it has feet constantly trekking over it. 

It’s an important job to do- an unclean carpet, even if it doesn’t look that way, can cause some real health problems for those who use the space. This is why your carpets should get a professional clean at least annually. 

We understand that operating a busy work environment is tricky enough without having to worry about carpet cleaning too! A good service will know how to conduct their work without interrupting yours. This is a job that can be finished in around 30 minutes.

The carpet cleaning process will usually assess what method of cleaning will provide the best results before starting. The carpet will then be disinfected, cleaned with specialist equipment that penetrates deep into the fibres to remove dirt,  leaving it looking good as new without the dampness. 

Hard floor cleaning

Cleaning a hard floor requires some good attention to detail- you’d be surprised what a seemingly clean floor can be harbouring.  You might just end up with hard flooring that’s several shades lighter in colour than before the clean!

Professional cleaning will involve deep cleaning machinery that works far more effectively than a mop or floor spray. This will help your floors last longer and be less prone to damage in the long term.

Upholstery and leather cleaning

Whether it is the office desk chairs, reception sofas or maybe even a bean bag, it's important to keep them hygienic for office use, as well as looking inviting and comfortable! 

It’s easy to forget about, but the chairs we sit on everyday need washing just like our clothes and carpets do. They will eventually build up layers of dirt as we sit, and this will be pushed deeper into the textiles the longer it is left. This can worsen allergies, build up mildew, and look pretty grimy. 

A deep clean will alleviate the potential health risks whilst restoring upholstery to its former glory.

Rug and Mat Cleaning

Rugs can play a hugely important role in the workplace. Whether it is your welcome mat that makes the first impression to your visitors, or a valuable rug that adds that wow factor to your space, deep cleaning is the way forward.

When it comes to the visual appeal and ambience of an indoor space, a rug can make a huge difference. Offices may use them to section off areas within an open-plan. This is why keeping them clean matters.

Depending on the type of rug and the office requirements, there are different methods that can be used to clean them. This includes low-moisture methods on site, or specialist deep cleans away from the office.

Just like upholstery and carpets, rugs should be cleaned in order to keep the office users healthy whilst freshening up the visuals of the space.

Fogging and disinfection

Employers now take workplace hygiene very seriously. While fogging has been around for many years, businesses and commercial spaces are now beginning to realise the importance and advantages of fogging.

This is a cleaning process that was understandably very sought after following the return to offices after Covid lockdowns. It’s an added level of security for offices that are keen to ensure their staff are safe.

If this is chosen as an option in an office deep clean, the technician uses misting equipment to create an antiviral mist and spray it on the surfaces including walls and ceilings. The outside doors will be sealed off before the technician sprays the antiviral mist on the affected areas. 

After 2 hours, the space will be clean and safe to use again.

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