Velvet furniture is a great investment if you want to give your home a more premium feel. Its beautiful look is modern and luxurious, and offers a different appearance because of its higher pile.

However, to avoid damage to your velvet, there are a number of steps you should take, both in the short and long term!

Types of velvet

You should be mindful of the type of velvet fabric that your upholstery is made from. Different types of velvet may influence the steps you need to take.

Cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, linen, or silk velvet can all be used to create upholstery. Always read the cleaning instructions on the tag of your sofa, headboard, or curtains. This means you can treat the velvet with the required care.

Certain types of velvet should only be dry cleaned, whereas polyester or crushed velvet may be machine-washed in cold water. Knowing the type of velvet your upholstery is made from is crucial to treat it correctly.

Additional decorative features and finishes may also impact the way you need to look after your velvet. Dyes, backings, zippers, and buttons may require more care to not damage them or the surrounding velvet textile. 

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How to clean velvet furniture

To keep your upholstery clean and clear of damage, there are a number of steps you could take regularly. Remember that this depends on the care instructions of your furniture! To maintain your velvet upholstery and keep its plush look:

  1. Regularly vacuum your furniture, then lightly dust it to remove settled particles

  1. Don’t put your velvet furniture in direct sunlight. Whilst gorgeous rays add a warmth to the room, they will fade and discolour your velvet upholstery if in direct contact

  1. Keep an upholstery brush on hand to shape the textile in the right direction. Pressure from sitting or leaning on your furniture can compress the pile over time. Brushing it regularly will help maintain its condition

  1. Steam the fabric to reduce compression and wrinkling. This will also help to keep it looking clean and fresh, as steaming helps to remove stains, germs, and allergens. Be sure to use a low heat setting to avoid melting the fibres

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  1. Keep a protective layer or sheet over the upholstery if not in use. If your velvet couch is in a holiday home or temporary storage, this will stop dust settling over time

  1. Steer clear of water around your velvet upholstery. Because of the absorbency of the fabric, it is more prone to water damage and water stains.

  1. Treat stains as soon as they appear, using the steps below

Removing stains from velvet furniture

To remove stains, use the following steps:

  1. With a blunt knife, gently scrape any larger, solid pieces from the surface

  1. Use a vacuum, lint roller, or soft bristle brush to gently remove dust particles, dirt, or pet hair from the surface and any crevices

  1. If the stain is caused by a fresh spill or is still wet, blot the stained area. Dab the area with paper towels or an absorbent cloth until the moisture is absorbed

  1. Create a cleaning solution using either:
  • A drop of washing up liquid mixed with 1 cup of cool water
  • Baking soda and lemon juice
  • Equal parts water and white vinegar

  1. Dip a clean cloth into your solution. Using the spot cleaning method, gently dab the stain with the cloth. To avoid saturating the area with liquid, do not use too much solution. Add more, little by little, if needed

  1. Once the stain has lifted, blot the area with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture from the area

  1. Brush the velvet to restore its lustre. Ensuring the bristles aren’t too stiff, brush the velvet in the direction of its pile to fluff it back to life

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Time to call the professionals

Whether your velvet upholstery needs a thorough clean or a freshen up - a professional cleaning service will help!

A Cleaning Service works across Bristol, Bath, and South Wales. We offer specialist cleaning services to help get your home feeling fresh again.

For assistance in cleaning your velvet furnishings, learn more about our cleaning services or get in touch today.