The bad news: your sofa is potentially one of the dirtiest things in your living room.

We don't like to think that the things we sit on, lay on and spend our evenings on are dirty and grimy, but the uncomfortable truth is that they are. They get so much use, but often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning.

The good news: we can fix that.

With over 12 years of experience as a cleaning company for North Somerset and surrounding areas, we've had hundreds of happy customers and have honed our craft to perfection. Our sofa cleaning services clean the material, lift away dirt and leave your furniture looking and smelling like new.

This article will walk you through how sofa cleaning works, which cleaning solution you should choose, the benefits of having your furniture cleaned, and how much it'll cost you.

Sofa Cleaning Services

With the amount of time we spend on our sofas and the comfortable family times they give us, they deserve to stay in a high-quality, clean condition.

And the best part? Getting your furniture regularly cleaned can prolong its life.

Before we treat your furniture for deep cleaning, we vacuum to remove any loose dirt, flint or pet hair and treat any stubborn stains. We don't charge any extra for this - it's all part of our service!

Afterwards, if you'd like to add it to your service, we can also treat it with Scotchguard stain protection - increasing the chances of spillages simply rinsing out instead of staining the material.

Let's take a look at the common upholstery cleaning services available from professional cleaners, and the variable sofa cleaning prices.

Steam Cleaning

We try not to use water-heavy solutions so that your furniture has a shorter drying time, and heavy furniture doesn't end up damaging your floor with the extra weight.

This method uses water that's heated past boiling - so it turns to steam - to penetrate fabric and dissolve dirt. The heat kills any germs or bacteria that may be living in it and dries it quickly.

For steam cleaning services, you can expect to pay around £40-70 for 2-3 seater sofas. For 4-seaters or L-shaped sofas, prices will be around £55-85.

If armchairs or dining chairs are being serviced, that estimated price will be slightly lower - around £30-50 and £10-20 respectively.

The size of the furniture will affect the price, so if you'd like an accurate and specific estimate, you can book a 15-30 minute free, no-obligation consultation with us.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning uses a dry substance and rotating brush heads to clean furniture. The bristles dislodge dirt and remove any type of stain, and has no drying time.

This is a great solution if you have family or guests visiting and you need a refresh, or if you need to use the furniture straight away.

Some sofas are made of delicate materials that can't be steam cleaned. If you're not sure, check the tag on your sofa or armchair to see if it says 'dry clean only'.

Dry cleaning is a little more expensive, from about £60 on average for a 2-seater sofa, because of the products required to clean.

Leather Cleaning

Leather is a hardy material and therefore a popular choice for a family home - but that doesn't mean it won't need regular maintenance! It's a luxury material, so it's important to keep it looking fresh and new.

Leather sofas are steam cleaned, and you'll notice how much shinier and softer they feel after being professionally cleaned. Prices will be £10-20 more than the fabric steam cleaning prices.

How Often Should You Hire Upholstery Cleaning Services?

It's recommended to hire furniture cleaning specialists at least once a year.

If you've got pets or young children and your sofas and armchairs are prone to spillages and accidents, you might want to have them cleaned once every 6 months.

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Why Hire a Professional Cleaner?

There are several websites out there with 'life hacks' for keeping your cleaning costs down and your furniture clean without hiring a professional cleaner. Most of the time, the products or DIY solutions recommended are either overpriced or actually harmful to the fabric.

Sometimes, these do-it-yourself solutions fail to mention that many of the recommended products may contain ingredients that can be harmful to children and animals. We only use the highest quality eco-friendly products that we know won't ever harm your furniture, and more importantly, your family.

Our cleaning teams also go through professional training which gets updated and refreshed consistently. We use the best cleaning machines to give you a high-quality clean worth paying for.

How To Save Money on Sofa Cleaning

We don't have a minimum charge, but here are some ways to keep your cleaning costs down.

Grab a Deal - One way many of our clients save money is by booking us to hire several pieces of upholstery at once, earning themselves a brilliant deal. You get more for your money, and it helps you keep track of what's been cleaned, and when.

We don't just offer furniture cleaning - while we're there, we can also refresh the whole room with our carpet cleaning service!

Payment Plan - something our clients love and has them coming back to our service is our 3-month, 0% interest payment plan.

Split your payment across 3 months with absolutely no added interest - a thank-you from us for trusting us to come into your home and revitalise your living space. Just let us know 48 hours in advance of your session, or when you book, and it'll be set up for you.

Pay After Your Clean - quality and client satisfaction is so important to us. We don't ask for payment before the service - instead, we invoice you on the day, after you've seen the brilliant job we've done.

Refresh Your Living Space With a Cleaning Service

Our thorough cleaning process and friendly, polite team are at the ready to come and service your home with sofa cleaning and upholstery treatment.

If you've been considering hiring a cleaning service, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call or fill out our enquiry box and we'll give you a no-obligation, accurate quote for your cleaning needs.

(Originally posted Spring 2022, updated July 2023)