Most interior designers consider curtains and window treatments like "jewellery" for your home. That's a lovely way to put it. But when you look closely at your curtains, are your "jewels" starting to look somewhat tarnished? If you're wondering about the best and healthiest way to clean curtains, we can tell you that dry cleaning is the way to go. So, what's the cost of dry-cleaning curtains? And is it better to take down the curtains and bring them to a dry cleaner, or find a dry cleaner to come to your home?

Keep reading! We'll answer your questions and tell you what you get when you choose in situ curtain cleaning.

Why Dry Clean Is the Best

There are various ways of cleaning curtains and different times to clean curtains. But not every way is the best and most effective.

Like any surface in your home, curtains collect dust, and they do need regular cleaning.

Yes, you can lightly clean dust or pet hair on drapes with the handheld attachment on a vacuum. Some curtains can also be taken down and washed, but if your curtains are pleated or made of wool, they will likely be damaged in a washing machine.

But dust isn't the only thing that dirties curtains. Mould and mildew can gather on curtains in damp or humid areas. Damp and mould can be unhealthy for anyone living in your home.

That's why experts say that cleaning curtains professionally is the best way to go.

When your curtains are dry cleaned, what you get is the removal of deeper dirt, mould or mildew, and even oils from your skin that can soak into the fabric.

How Often Should Curtains Be Cleaned?

To keep your curtains dust-free, you should vacuum them with a handheld attachment as often as you can. Most experts recommend a weekly light cleaning if possible.

Experts recommend a professional cleaning every six months to keep your curtains looking beautiful and in top shape. If that's not possible, try to find a dry cleaner for cleaning curtains at least once a year.

Some Reasons Why Dry Clean Is Necessary

It's helpful to know when to get your curtains dry cleaned. Here are our recommendations on when cleaning curtains is better with a dry cleaner.

If your curtains are heavily soiled or stained:

  • A vacuum can't remove stains or spills from curtains
  • Hand washing is often not powerful enough
  • Machine washing can damage your curtains

If your curtains don't smell good:

  • Cigarette smoke requires a deeper cleaning
  • Cooking smells, and pet odours sink into fabrics too

If you're leaving your home:

  • Cleaning curtains is advisable if you're selling your home
  • If you're renting a flat, the curtains will probably need a professional cleaning before you move out
lady dry cleaning living room curtains

What to Expect with Dry Cleaning Curtains

Curtains offer privacy to your home, as well as insulation, noise cancellation, and light dimming when you need it. Curtains come in many different styles and fabrics. Good quality curtains come at a price.

That's why dry clean is an excellent option to protect your curtains because they are an investment in your home.

Here's what to expect with cleaning curtains at a dry cleaner. Costs will depend on the following things.


  • Higher thread counts in the curtain fabric require care when dry cleaning
  • Silk curtain fabrics are very delicate and also require gentler care
  • Heavier fabrics like plain, twill, and damask weaves take longer to dry clean


  • Lined curtains require different dry-cleaning care than unlined curtains because of the extra layer of lining  


  • Longer curtains require more care and a longer time to dry clean

Dry Cleaner Reputation:

  • A good quality dry cleaner isn't always the cheapest option, but the results are worth it
  • Check to see how a dry cleaner calculates the cost because it isn't always the same
  • Some dry cleaners charge per kilogram
  • Other dry cleaners charge per metre of fabric

How To Select the Right Dry Cleaner

Many people look to reviews online or word of mouth to find the best dry cleaner for cleaning curtains. That's always a wise thing to do!

You should also make sure the dry cleaner is certified and experienced in cleaning curtains. Not all dry cleaners are, and that's why their prices are often too reasonable to be true.

One inconvenience with cleaning curtains professionally is getting up on a ladder to take down the curtains and bring them to the dry cleaner. It's not easy, and it's time-consuming.

That's why it's a good idea to see if the dry cleaner you select offers a pickup and delivery service.

Or, even better, find a dry cleaner for cleaning curtains which makes house calls!

The Cost of Dry-Cleaning Curtains

Curtain cleaning costs vary, as we discussed above. In general, how much should it cost? Again, that depends on the type of curtains you have and how good the dry cleaner is.

Always ask for prices in advance from any dry-cleaning service. And remember, a pickup and drop-off service is recommended. Or talk to us because the best service for cleaning curtains is one that comes right to your home!

Average Dry-Cleaning Costs for Curtains

On average, cleaning curtains through a dry cleaner will cost £4.85 per square metre for unlined curtains. But costs go up for unlined curtains made of heavier or pleated fabrics.

For lined curtains, the average cost is £5.60 per square metre. The base price, in this case, is £12 per kilogram. Again, costs go up for heavier or pleated fabrics, curtains with a heavier lining, or interlined curtains.

Finally, the average price for cleaning curtains tops is priciest for blackout-lined curtains. For these types of curtains, the base cost is £16 per kilogram.

Other Things to Remember

If you must take down your drapes and bring them to a dry cleaner, here are important things to remember.

  • Your curtain rods may be dirty and look dull
  • It would help if you cleaned the dust and allergens off the curtain rods
  • You should carefully fold your curtains when you retrieve them from the dry cleaner after cleaning
  • Folding drapes is time-consuming, but if you don't, the drapes may crease or wrinkle, giving them an unprofessional look

Or, if you'd prefer, consider having your dry cleaner come right to your home, do a professional job, and leave without you having to lift a finger!

The Convenience of Dry-Cleaning Curtains at Home

There are many convenient reasons to have a dry-cleaning service clean your curtains in the comfort of your home.

We've already mentioned some of the hassles of taking curtains to a dry-cleaning service. But here are a few more!

You will have to bag up your curtains for the drive to the cleaners. When you pick them up, there's always a concern about whether the curtains shrank or if they'll get a bit dirty again as you rehang them.

If you choose a professional curtain cleaning service to come to your home, what you can expect is the following:


Whilst a professional team of dry cleaners gets to work restoring the beauty and quality of your curtains, and you don't have to lift a finger. You can sit back, relax, and watch the process if you wish!


Fully qualified technicians come to your home equipped with the best equipment and products for deep curtain cleaning. Stains, dust, dirt, mould, and allergens are removed from your newly refreshed and beautiful curtains.

Minimal Interruption

The high-powered machine used to clean your curtains at home will gently heat the dry- cleaning solution. When we clean the curtains, our machine is very quiet. It will not disrupt your daily schedule.  

woman holds a dry cleaner for curtains in her hand.

Who We Are

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We know how vital clean curtains are to your home. Removing dust, dirt, allergens, and especially mould and mildew make your home a safer place to live.

Curtains can also protect you from the cold or heat outside, as well as direct sunlight that can fade your floors or furniture.

A Cleaning Service makes your curtains look like jewels again!

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(Originally posted 2021, updated for 2022)