Other than your kettle for a cuppa, it is guaranteed that your oven is the most used kitchen appliance in your home.  

Typically, this means it should be at the top of your list to clean, but oven cleaning is a big task that is often skipped. However, if any task in your kitchen shouldn’t be left until tomorrow (or maybe the day after), it is definitely cleaning your oven!

Day to day use of your oven will create a build-up of grease and grime from any spills and oils left in the bottom of your oven. This will cause many dangers and health risks which will be explored further here. 

The health risks and dangers of a dirty oven 

Fire hazard 

In a recent study, it states that 53% of domestic fires are caused by ovens.

One of the main causes of kitchen fires is the build-up of grease and grime, which can combust under high temperatures, particularly in ovens heated with a gas flame. In order to help prevent this, maintaining a clean oven will reduce the risk of food or grease residue catching a blaze. 

Effects on food

Has the flavour of your favourite home-cooked meals been tasting a bit … off recently? It might be time for an oven clean.  

Dirty ovens are the main culprit for affecting the taste of your food! Burning food leftovers in a dirty oven will eventually create carbon monoxide-based fumes, these fumes will be absorbed into any food being cooked in the oven, affecting the flavour of your food.

Food poisoning 

Similarly, having grit build-up in your oven will obstruct some of the heating elements. This means your food is less likely to cook properly.  

This can potentially result in food poisoning, especially if you’re cooking meat. Uncooked chicken – for example - can lead to salmonella and E. coli. 

Other results of a dirty oven 

Although it is important to understand the health risks that come with a dirty oven, there are a few other important things that will be caused by an unclean oven.


Any food or grease left inside your oven, will continue burning each time you switch it on.  

This can produce a bad smoke situation inside your oven. The smoke released can even contain harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide which can be very toxic and put you in danger. 

Not only are the gases released from a smoky oven harmful to you, but they also have a negative impact on climate change, emitting pollutants such as carbon and methane into the air. 


Similarly, heating the food and grease build up left in your oven often leads to an unpleasant smell in your kitchen.

The carbon-based fumes released causing the stink can then linger and spread around your house. And no one likes the smell of a burnt dinner!


A dirty oven also means your oven will not be working to its best ability! The dirt and grime will obstruct your oven's heating elements, making it difficult for the oven to work to its full capacity, this will result in uncooked food and longer cooking times. Do not let your dirty oven increase your electricity bill!

Cleaning your oven independently 

Having a professional oven clean is the most efficient way of getting your oven back to brand new. However, it is also important to know how to maintain your oven before your next professional clean!

If you are cleaning your oven yourself, there are a few tips and tricks we can provide.

  • Start with removing any oven racks and shelves, allowing them to soak, and then scrub off any residue and food build up using a scouring pad.

  • Then, using a metal spatula or a hard wire scrubbing brush, try and remove any leftover food particles in the oven and on the door. 

  • Finally, using your chosen cleaning product, follow the method advised to clean the interior of your oven. Then proceed to remove any residue using a damp cloth. 

Pro tip: Try and avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your oven, there are a few natural methods you can follow. Or why not try our seaweed-based eco-friendly oven cleaner spray bottle! To order, just call 0117 332 5996.

Once your oven is sparkling, it is important to follow these hacks to upkeep your ovens cleanliness!


One of the main causes of a dirty oven is due to any drips, spills, food, or grease build up. Luckily, there are certain precautions that can be taken to help prevent that build up. 

Using things like oven liners or roasting bags will add another layer of protection for your oven, so that, when you are cooking, most of the drips will be caught before reaching the actual oven interior.

It goes without saying that one of the most effective methods of oven upkeep is to clean any grease or spills as you go! Once you have finished cooking, fill up a heat - resistant bowl with water and heat for 20 mins. This will help loosen any grime left over, making a wipe over the interior surfaces much simpler. (don’t forget to let the oven cool first!)

Advantages of a Professional oven clean 

Having a clean oven is very important. We recommend a professional clean every 3 months, but cleaning your oven can be a huge and daunting chore.  

So why not hire a professional? There are a few reasons we recommend a professional oven clean.

Correct tools 

First of all, any professional oven cleaning company will have all the correct equipment and knowledge to get your oven feeling brand new. 

Time saver

Oven cleaning can be messy and time consuming so another benefit of a professional clean is that you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing away! You can put your mind at ease and your feet up as our trained technicians get to work.

Safer cleaning products

Although convenient, store-bought chemicals are harmful to you, your family, and the environment. Our oven cleaning experts use eco-friendly, biodegradable products, meaning they are safe for your home and won't leave any toxic chemical residue.

Prevents more risks 

A professional oven clean will reach all the spots you can’t! As previously mentioned, a dirty oven is a serious fire hazard, meaning, without a deep clean done professionally and correctly, that risk could remain after a scrub.


Investing in new cleaning products and tools to clean the oven yourself racks up quite a bill! Professional cleaners have industry leading products to hand, saving you funds for the future.


Having a team come and complete your oven clean will mean all corners and elements of your oven are spick and span. The result is a longer lifespan for your oven! This means you get the maximum use out of your investment. 

Need a professional oven clean?

Here at ACS, we pride ourselves in our oven cleaning skills! Our team of expert technicians are ready to get your oven feeling and looking brand new.

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