Professional oven cleaning vs DIY

Cleaning the oven is one of those chores everyone hates but that needs to be done.  There’s no way you can avoid stains, spills or grease building up in the oven and that means it needs to be properly cleaned to remove them.  On the surface, it is a simple DIY job, but this isn’t the whole story.

If the job is simply to mop up a little spilt gravy or wipe a stain from the bars, then there's no reason why you can't do this yourself.  But when it comes to comprehensively cleaning the oven, there's a strong case to get a professional involved.  Let's look at the benefits of professional oven cleaning versus DIY-ing the job.

Why a professional oven cleaning is better

There are definitely those odd occasions when cleaning your oven yourself is a simple solution.  When something spills, if you mop it up straight away, there’s less chance of it baking on and causing problems.  

But the problem comes most of the time because we don’t realise there’s a spill, stain or debris in the oven.  The oven is in use a lot and those stains become harder and more baked-on.  Now you are in the realm of needing serious equipment and cleaning products to remove it, many of which can be toxic and difficult to use.

Instead, you can get a professional to handle the job.  They offer a service that will handle all of the problems of baked-on food, stains, debris and everything the oven can throw at them.  They have cleaning systems and products that normal householders wouldn’t have that can do a far better job.

Other reasons to have a professional oven cleaning

While being easier and more comprehensive is a massive reason for having your oven cleaned versus doing it yourself, there are more reasons to consider it.

Cleans parts you can’t reach

If you have ever cleaned your oven then been baffled because it still smells weird, the answer is you probably didn’t clean everything that needed cleaning – because you didn’t know to get into these parts.

Professional oven cleaners are doing the job every day and they know all the hidden spots and awkward parts of an oven that can aggregate debris and cause unpleasant smells.  They are able to get into these areas and offer a more thorough clean than you could do yourself.

Everything is back together properly

Maybe you did get all those awkward places and took some of the oven apart to get the cleaning done.  But then you found this odd piece left when you put it back together and now the oven doesn’t sound quite right…

That’s something you can avoid by having someone do the cleaning for you.  As professional cleaners, they are used to taking apart ovens of all kinds and cleaning them. Then reassembling them and ensuring they work properly before they leave.  From the glass in the door to some of the inner workings, they can clean everything – and be 100% sure the oven will work properly afterwards.

Extend the lifespan of the oven

If you buy a new oven, the manufacturer will often recommend certain cleaning schedules.  Why do they do this?  It isn’t because they are working with oven cleaners to help them out – it’s because it will extend the lifespan of the oven.

Regular cleaning in the right way can ensure the oven lasts the longest possible time.  That’s good for manufacturers because it makes their products great quality and value for money.  And it is great for you because the oven lasts a long time and you don't need to replace it.

Avoid harmful chemicals and choking smells

If you buy a product from the shop, there’s a good chance it is some kind of strong chemical cleaner that will ‘easily’ clean your oven.  And often, cause havoc for anyone in the house with sensitive eyes, nose or airways.

When you have a professional handle the cleaning, they use the safest and least harmful cleaning products around.  They know how to clean without causing those choking smells or unpleasant odours that many shop cleaning products will produce.  So that means you get a clean oven but in a much easier way.

Protection if something does go wrong

It is rare that anything goes wrong during an oven cleaning but if there was some kind of problem or issue, then the oven cleaning company would have insurance to protect them – and you.  This means you wouldn’t end up out of pocket in the off-chance something did go wrong during the cleaning and reassembling processes of your service.

How professional oven cleaning works

When you book a professional oven cleaning service, the exact work done depends on the style of oven that you have.  But a few of the general tasks that will be involved include:

  • Removing internal parts of the oven to be cleaned
  • Removing and dismantling the oven door
  • Removing the oven fan (if there is one) and the housing around it
  • Cleaning the roof of the oven

There are also additional services you can have as part of the cleaning, depending on what you have in the kitchen.  Extractor hoods and filters are one example of areas that definitely need cleaning and that you may want to include in the service.

If you have a separate hob to the oven, you may also want to have this cleaned at the same time.  This means that everything stays in top condition and lasts the longest time.

Get the right oven cleaning help

Here at A Cleaning Service, we are specialists in cleaning all kinds of ovens.  We know the benefits that the service brings for our customers – that’s why they often book us to come back on a regular basis.

If you need your oven cleaning or even checking over to see if a clean is needed, contact us or give us a call to arrange a visit and a free quote to solve your dirty oven problems.