Your carpet is amazing; it gives your feet a soft place to rest and sets the tone for your room. But are you taking care of it the way it takes care of you? One of the best things you can do for your carpet is getting it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. This will increase your carpet's lifespan and keep it looking new, allowing you to maintain the carpet of your dreams. Read on to learn how long professional carpet cleaning takes.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

According to professional carpet cleaners, your carpets should be deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

One of the biggest advantages of doing this is the effect it will have on your floor's lifespan. Most carpets that are properly cleaned last much longer than carpets that are not.

Regular carpet cleaning will also remove many of the allergens that are hiding inside your floors. This will help reduce any allergies and asthma symptoms you or your family may have.

Your floors will be disinfected during this process making them much safer for children to play on. Stains are also more likely to be eradicated by professional cleaning equipment than they are by homemade remedies. You may also notice that your floors look noticeably cleaner after a professional clean compared to a regular one.

The flattened pieces of your carpet will also begin to stand up again after the cleaning process is complete, giving that cushioned, luxurious feeling.

Whether or not you have carpet throughout your entire house or you only have it in a few rooms, professional carpet cleaning will benefit you and your flooring greatly.

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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

Although there is no definite answer, we estimate that professional carpet cleaning takes around 30 minutes for a room. Just keep in mind that it may take longer than this if your floors are stained or there is furniture you would like to be moved.

If you do not have time to stay at home while your carpets are cleaned, you don't have to. Most cleaning companies only require you to be at your home when they first arrive and before they leave. You can go anywhere you want in between these two times.

Afterwards, your carpets will be wet for 30 minutes to an hour, however, carpet drying times can depend on the carpet cleaning method that is used, such as hot water extraction method, steam cleaning or dry cleaning.  

In some cases, carpets may feel moist for up to 24 hours, depending on the time of year and humidity. During this time, try to avoid frequently stepping on the wet carpet. This will affect the carpet drying process. If you wish to speed up the drying process, you can create good air circulation in the room. If your carpet is in a room with windows, directing fresh air into the room will enable faster drying.

That said, it should be safe to replace furniture such as beds and sofas almost as soon as the cleaners have left. For brass or varnished wood furniture, you may want to wait until the carpet feels completely dry as these materials can be affected by the moisture.

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

The amount you will pay for your carpet cleaning depends on how much flooring you want to be cleaned. Carpet cleaning companies typically charge by the square foot.

If your entire home or office consists of carpet, it will cost more to clean than a few rooms.

The only way to know the cost for sure is to contact a cleaning company and schedule a quote online or over the phone. Whatever the cost may be, it is no secret that your carpet is worth it.

At A Cleaning Service, we price by first visiting the location or requesting photos of the areas. We will then provide a free survey / quote of the areas to assess what will be the best method of cleaning to get the best results for you. We take this approach so we can price fairly based on the work that is required, rather than on a standard 'one size fits all' cost by square footage.

Preparing for Carpet Cleaners

Most good carpet cleaning companies will not require you to make any preparations before they come. They will be more than happy to work around you and your needs. But if you still want to make their job a little easier, there are a few things you could do to prepare.

Clean up the Clutter

If you have children or just use your floor a lot, it would be best to pick up any toys or other items you have on them. This will save the professionals from doing it for you.

Most companies will move your furniture out of the carpeted area for you. With that being said, the cleaners cannot do anything with furniture that is too heavy to move. If you want larger or heavier pieces moved so they can get cleaned under, you will have to do that on your own. If you would like to speed up the cleaner's visit, you may also choose to move any small tables, lamps, and so on before they arrive.

Check Your Curtains

If your curtains are floor-length, it would be best to tie them up or remove them before you get your carpet cleaned. This will keep them from getting wet during the cleaning process and will give the cleaners less to work around.  

Some carpet cleaning companies also clean curtains. You could take this opportunity to have them professionally cleaned as well or you could clean them yourself.


Your cleaning company shouldn't require you to vacuum your floors before they come, but this does make the cleaning process quicker.

If you would like to help out the cleaning company or it would just make you feel better, run your vacuum over your floor before your appointment.

Vacuuming services will come in the floor cleaning package you purchased free of charge. So if you do not have the time, or you don't want to, vacuuming is not mandatory.

How to Clean Your Carpet

A lot can happen in-between professional cleans: a child could spill their drink or a dog could track in mud. Surprise messes like this can make it hard to keep your floors neat.  

If the mess is serious enough, you can always call the professionals early. But if you can't, you will be the one cleaning your carpet.

Whatever you choose to do, you will need to get to these messes as soon as possible. Please do not leave them sitting.

Cleaning the Mess

If you are dealing with any liquid spills, such as urine, paint, or coffee, you will need to blot the spot with a paper towel. More solid messes, like mud, will need to be scraped up with the edge of something sturdy like a card or knife.

Getting to the spill fast will lessen the chances of it staining.

Another thing you will need to do in between professional cleans is vacuuming your floor. This will keep dust and other allergens from building up in your carpet and help it stay fluffed.

It's recommended that you vacuum at least once a week to keep your carpet healthy.  

You can also prevent carpet messes by taking off your shoes before entering your home and placing mats in front of any entrances.

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Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Once you've decided to hire a carpet cleaning service, the next thing you should do is reach out to them to talk about their services.

You can find the company's contact information on their website. They may want you to get in touch with them through email, fill out a contact form, or give them a call.

Whichever way you choose, reach out to them and request a quote.

Sometimes you can get a quote over the phone, but it's recommended that you book an appointment. Quote appointments are free and will provide you with a more accurate idea of how much it will cost to clean your carpet.

After you get your quote, choose the best date for you and schedule your carpet cleaning.

Some carpet cleaning companies, like A Cleaning Service, will send you an email confirming your appointment after you've scheduled it. This extra step will make sure both you and the company are on the same page. This will also ensure you are aware of the cleaning services you ordered.

After the job is complete, all you need to do is pay for your services, and you're done.

Book Your Carpet Cleaning

Now you know how long does professional carpet cleaning take, all you need to do is book your very own carpet cleaning today.

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