Oven cleaning… not exactly the most exciting topic is it? Well my job is to change your mind and convince you why oven cleaning is so important and provide some super helpful advice to keep that oven Brilliantly Clean all year round…are you ready?!

Right, lets get the boring stuff out of the way first! Lets think about some of the important reasons why you should clean you oven. But wait! I can hear what you are thinking already… “I haaaaaate oven cleaning”,“It gets so messy and takes forever!”, “I definitely have 100 more things I would rather be doing than cleaning my oven right now”… don’t worry, we hear you! But after you hear WHY you should clean your oven; we think you will definitely think twice before adding oven cleaning to the bottom of your chores list!

A dirty oven changes the way your food tastes!

Close your eyes and just imagine that fresh loaf of bread baking in the oven… the heavenly smell hangs in the air and you cant wait to cut off a slice and slather it with butter and sticky jam! Or what about that beef bourguignon that you have spent weeks trying to find the perfect recipe for and now you patiently sit by the oven door just dreaming of that perfect first mouthful… Now picture you opening that oven door… and WHAT?! A huge puff of smoke pours out! The heavenly smells are clouded by a smell of burning fat and heartbreak. You take that first bite you have been dreaming of only for it to be the nightmare you weren’t expecting as it tastes kind of funny and bitter.Your pour over your recipe seeking where you went wrong but then the inside of your oven catches your eye… yes that’s right. A dirty oven can affect the way your food tastes. Whilst we understand that cleaning your oven yourself is a task you may want to avoid, it really can make all the difference to the taste of your food so it is good practice to ensure your oven is regularly cleaned so you can whip up those culinary creations in the best conditions!

A dirty oven can damage its functionality!

If you have noticed your oven is a bit under the weather at the moment it might be that a good clean can actually help! Sometimes, a dirt build up can begin clogging the fans or cause the heat functionality to stop working properly or performing at its best. Think of it like a spa day... We all need some TLC every now and again to relax and ‘recharge our batteries’ as they say… well an oven clean is kind of like a spa day with your oven… only this time you are swapping that exfoliation treatment you love for a deep scrub of your oven and your massage becomes a polish on that oven door to bring back that extra sparkle! Give your oven the attention it deserves with a good, deep clean! A clean oven helps to maintain its functionality and overall efficiency too so you can get those freshly cooked meals out to your family in no time!

A dirty oven can mean expensive bills!

Lets not forget that new ovens are expensive! So therefore,if you look after your oven and ensure it stays clean and in tip top condition,it will definitely last longer and save you money! (more money to spend on spa days maybe?!) The last thing you want to be forking out for (see what I did there?) at the end of the month is a new oven right? So surely giving it a good clean every now and then is a much better option than spending your hard-earned cash on a new oven every year! Regularly cleaning your oven is a great, cost effective way to ensure your appliance lasts a lifetime so you can spend your money on way more exciting things!

A dirty oven can be a fire risk!

This is such an important point and one that not many people consider until it is too late. It is a fact that one of the main reasons for a fire to start in a restaurant is due to grease build up from cooking equipment.That’s why there are so many laws surrounding the cleaning of cooking equipment in commercial settings. However, at home it's not really something that many people see as a very serious risk if an oven isn’t kept clean. Remember when you imagined opening your oven door earlier and loads of smoke poured out? Well that can be very common and very dangerous if an oven is not kept clean. A fire in your home is such a serious and horrible thought so cleaning your oven is a very simple and easy way to ensure that fire isn’t started from your dirty oven.

A dirty oven can affect your health!

Finally, a dirty oven can affect your health and can even lead to things like food poisoning! Now we know that a dirty oven means the functionality can be negatively impacted, this means that your food may not actually be heated to the desired temperature you have set, meaning your food may be under-cooked and unsafe to eat. Also, that smoke we keep talking about will fill and pollute your home with nasty fumes that are definitely not good for those good ol’ lungs of yours! Furthermore, dirty ovens can harbour all sorts of nasty bacteria like salmonella and E. coli which can potentially be deadly too! Therefore, keeping your oven clean is a super way to help you ensure your home is a healthy and safe place to be.

So how do we keep that oven clean and performing at its best?

There are so many different ways to keep your oven clean and a quick google search will pull thousands of magical concoctions and potions you could try! One of the main home remedies we would recommend is using equal parts of baking soda and vinegar and creating a paste which can be applied and left overnight to work its magic before being wiped off. A Lemon juice and salt mixture can also be a great, eco-friendly treatment for that stubborn grease that just wont budge! We would always suggest using these two home remedies over supermarket oven products! Lots of supermarket oven cleaning products can actually be quite harmful and unpleasant as well as sometimes being quite ineffective too. So for a cost-effective, eco approach, open those kitchen cupboards up first and grab the ingredients listed above before hitting the shops!

Also, when cleaning your oven make sure you have some decent cloths and scrubbing sponges to hand that you don’t mind getting grubby! Cleaning your oven yourself will require a bit of effort and can get messy so we would chuck on some old clothes in case you get any grease on you and you have plenty of time to leave the oven a few hours for the mixture to work. But be careful with the tools you use!!  Harsh scourers can scratch and really damage your oven so ensure you don’t scrub too hard or use a sponge or brush that is too harsh! Our top tip is to use a toothbrush (just not the one you use every day for your own teeth!) to scrub any of those awkward bits or get right in the cracks and edges by the door and in the corners!

One of the easiest, time effective and safest ways to keep your oven cleaned is to call in the professionals. Most standard size ovens can be cleaned in under two hours and the professionals can strip the whole oven including the racks, fans and even take the door apart to ensure every single inch of your oven is cleaned to perfection. Some companies even use products that are eco-friendly but still super powerful at removing that dirt and grime build up.So whilst you spend your time relaxing in the garden or putting your feet up,the professionals can scrub away to bring your oven back to life and get it looking like new!

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