Everyone has had it done in their homes or offices, but only a few know the processes and tools that are needed to provide effective cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a way to beautify your home while you also benefit from the deep cleaning that occurs that routine vacuuming can't offer. The good news is you can benefit from a spotless carpet without paying a fortune if you know how carpet cleaning works.

Please keep reading, and the informational guide below will give you all you want to know about the processes and tools. You will benefit from the information when you go to schedule your next carpet clean. The most efficient way to beautify your carpet is to ensure that the deep cleaning is done with the right tools and processes.  

Carpet Cleaning

Every carpet cleaning job has the same objective. The objective is to use specialised equipment to clean your carpet with methods that you can't access with your vacuum or personal carpet cleaning machines. The trick is finding out which method of carpet cleaning is the best for your carpet.

Carpet shampooing doesn't always provide the best results unless your carpet demands it. That's why finding the carpet cleaning services that have an excellent reputation with a no quibble guarantee should be the foundation you use in your search. There are more processes and tool options than you imagine.

Each one of the carpet cleaning processes and tools provides you with different benefits.

Carpet Cleaning Tools

Some carpet cleaning tools have specific purposes, like removing wine stains to pet accidents on your carpet. Other carpet cleaning tools can be used for deep cleaning the entire carpet. Understanding the mechanisms and process methods will allow you to become more comfortable.

You can use your comfortability factor when hiring your next carpet cleaning service. The tools listed below should give you a clearer understanding of the process the carpet cleaning company provides.

1. Carpet Cleaner Extractor Carpet Cleaning Machine

A carpet cleaner extractor handles the most soiled carpet. The carpet cleaner extractor can even clean minor hard surfaces too. Because it has a three-stage vacuum motor, it can recover the water that was needed to shampoo your carpet effectively. Most of the time, carpet cleaner extractors are used when browning occurs.

When you notice your carpet's browning is starting to discolour the carpet fibres it stems from your carpet being incorrectly cleaned previously.

2. Slide-In Truck Mounts Carpet Cleaning Machine

There are several variations of truck mounts. The slide-in truck mount usually has a separate engine to run the entire truck mount system. These types of truck mounts have enormous power in cleaning the hardest and toughest stains on your carpet.

The slide-in truck mount sometimes breaks down carpet stains or digests them. After that process is completed, the stain becomes easier to remove, allowing you to save your carpet.

3. Direct Drive Truck Mounts Carpet Cleaning Machine

The direct drive truck mount has state of the art heat, pressure, vacuum, and airflow power. It provides a beneficial and efficient process for cleaning your carpet. What's more, it can also clean any tile, grout, or hard surface you want through its pressure washing process.

4. Encapsulation and Counter-Rotating Brush (CRB) Carpet Cleaning Machine

The encapsulation and counter-rotating brush carpet cleaning machines have almost no competition based on their deep cleaning carpet effectiveness. An added benefit is the encapsulation and counter-rotating brush carpet cleaning machine performs the deep cleaning effectiveness in one single pass. It provides a direct to carpet pad solution in which you won’t even need a pre-spray stain lifter before cleaning your carpet.

The floating cleaning heads provide the carpet cleaning agitation that is needed to provide one of the most effective cleaning process tools. These types of machines can even be used when POG treatments are required. POG treatments are almost always necessary when you’re dealing with paint, oil, or grease stains on carpets.

5. Rotary Extractors or Power Wands Carpet Cleaning Machines

The rotary extractor or power wand cleaning machines can deliver up to 700 passes over your carpet in one minute. That’s why most of them are used for the most challenging and most extensive carpet cleaning jobs. Most have a cleaning wand that’s like the superhero of carpet cleaners.

The unique cleaning wand has an extraction head that creates a sealed zone on your carpet. The sealed area prevents heat loss or over spraying when carpet cleaning meaning your carpet is as clean and fresh as possible. It optimises getting rid of any carpet clouding you may be experiencing due to leftover residue on your carpet.

lady deep cleaning white carpet

6. Carpet Spotting Extractor Cleaning Machines

Carpet spotting extractor cleaning machines give you a maximised cleaning process for quick touch-ups needed on your carpet. It can also help if you have a tough spot on your carpet that no amount of scrubbing seems to help. It’s also used when grooming your carpet in pre-treatments or post-treatments needed for extra carpet cleaning and protection.

The carpet spotting extractor cleaning machine is also used when you need wicking on your carpet. Wicking happens when a stain that went away suddenly reappears. No matter how clean the carpet is, you may need the extractor cleaning machine to eliminate old and deep carpet stains effectively.  

7. The Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer for Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet cleaning company spends some time applying pre-sprays, deodorisers, cleaning solutions, sanitisers, and carpet protection, you can cut your carpet machine cleaning time in half. These types of pre-treatment carpet cleaning processes also provide chemical-resistant seals. They offer an oxidising system that removes stains like wine or coffee.

They also reduce stains with colour like paint, food, or drinks with artificial colours. Finally, they can provide strippers to your carpet that contain a specialised cleaning agent that reduces that oxygen in the stain to make it easier to clean.  

8. Dryers and Air Blower Carpet Cleaning

It’s essential to have a Dri-Pod accelerator that can project dry air over the wet carpet after cleaning it. The dryer and air blower carpet cleaning tool has a high-velocity airflow that provides a dryer carpet for you after the deep cleaning is completed. You don’t have to walk around on wet carpet unless you want to because dryers and air blowers can dry almost any water left on the carpet from virtually any type of carpet cleaning machine water.

9. Super-Charged Vacuums and Sweepers

While every carpet cleaner uses one or all of the carpet cleaning tools listed above, they sometimes need a super-charged vacuum and sweeper. You will often see carpet cleaners using their super-charged vacuums and sweepers when they are done and begin fixing your carpet fibres' direction. Most of the time, customers want carpet fibres to run in the same direction, so you have an even and beautifully laid carpet.

10. Steam Based Equipment for Carpet Cleaning

Some of the time, homeowners and small businesses may try to clean the carpet themselves by renting a carpet cleaning machine. That is when you'll see steam-based equipment for rent to provide carpet cleaning processes. Steam cleaning is a process where hot water is mixed with detergent, and you spread it out on your carpet wherever it is most needed.

It is an effective method for cleaning your carpet; however, it is using a short-lived cleaning. Because you're using a cleaning machine to pump water into your carpet that extracts dirt and stains, you're often left with a reasonably damp carpet that forms a residue that is called clouding.  

Cleaning Carpet

What isn't realised most of the time is carpet cleaning through shampooing isn't always the best method or process to use. That's why it's essential to understand the most effective carpet cleaning tools and the techniques they use to clean. You want at least 90% of the dirt and bacteria lifted from your carpet when your carpet is being serviced for cleaning.

Whether it's a home or office, the tips for cleaning a carpet are almost always the same. Your objective is to have a carpet cleaning service that uses specialised equipment and cleaning products that optimise and maximise your carpet cleaning experience.

Your Next Carpet Cleaning Step

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