New Cleaning Habits for the New Year

With the New Year quickly approaching, it’s time to start new hobbies and form new habits. Kickstarting your New Year with new cleaning habits for your home will get you feeling ready for what the next 12 months could bring. 

Here we will be exploring a few simple new cleaning habits to start your New Year off right, leaving your house feeling spick and span. Ready to feel stress-free and totally on top of your home?

Daily Cleaning Habits 

When you start this New Year, one important cleaning habit that you should adopt is to clean as you go. There are many small tasks you can add to your daily cleaning routine to help keep your house well-maintained.  

Make your bed

Something as simple as making your bed every day starts your day off right, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and setting you up for success. 

Do the dishes

Loading the dishwasher or washing up straight after every meal helps to prevent a build-up of dishes, and from rotten smells developing in your kitchen.

Clean as you cook

Washing or putting things away immediately after use in the kitchen stops everything from piling up and cuts down your cleaning time. Clean smarter not harder…

Nightly walkthrough

Make it part of your daily routine to do a walkthrough of your house before bed. Put everything back in its place, hang up those coats, put the shoes back on the rack, fluff those cushions, and put your evening tea mug in the dishwasher. Waking up to a tidy home will not only start your morning off on the right foot but also give you a head start for the next day's chores. 

Think prevention, not cure

Pre-empting your cleaning tasks will help save you so much time when it comes to cleaning. Some precautions you can take are to wipe down the sides and sink daily to keep them fresh and to avoid spills becoming stains, and to use a squeegee in the shower walls/ glass to prevent any soap scum trails. 


Open your windows/ door for an hour or so a day to eliminate the stale air inside your home, giving it a much fresher feel.

Weekly Cleaning Habits 

Although daily tasks are essential, completing bigger weekly tasks is equally important to maintaining a clean household. 


To prevent a build-up of dirt and dust hidden in your carpets, hoovering over all carpets and rugs is essential. Doing this task weekly is an important habit to get into, especially if people in your household have allergies or asthma.


Once a week, using a duster or a damp cloth, wipe over any surfaces that may gather dust, such as cabinets, coffee tables, and bookshelves. 


Make sure that, each week, you empty all bins around the house: kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. To prevent nasty odours, ensure you also rinse off any food or dirt residue from your bins. For that added touch, put some essential oil drops onto a cotton pad and place it in the bottom of the bin for a fresh smell that lasts longer. 

Bathroom clean up

Without regular cleaning, your bathroom can build up lots of bacteria and germs. Completing a weekly deep clean of your bathroom will remove those germs and prevent any bacteria from growing. Cleaning your bathroom should consist of using an antibacterial disinfectant to clean your toilet, sink, bathtub, and any other surfaces.

Monthly Cleaning Habits 

When making your New Year's resolution cleaning checklist, getting into the habit of completing these monthly cleaning tasks will help keep your home clean and bacteria-free.


A task that is essential to get into the habit of is cleaning your fridge out every month and removing any out-of-date food. We recommend doing this before your bin day. This way, when removing any out-of-date food, the packaging can be correctly recycled and disposed of and old food won’t be hanging around in your bins for days. Removing all shelves and cleaning the interior of your fridge weekly will prevent any food spills or bacteria build-up from forming. 

Curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds can build up lots of dust, which can lead to allergies and trigger health conditions if not cleaned. You can read how to correctly clean your curtains here. 


Cleaning your windows once a month will help prevent window damage, protect indoor air quality, and maintain your home's energy efficiency levels. So, grab that glass cleaner and wipe all glass windows in your house, this includes glass doors.

Cleaning Habits to Leave in 2022


Everyone is guilty of hoarding unnecessary items, but having clutter collecting in your house creates an avoidable mess. You can steer clear of your clutter by not letting it build up and dealing with it as you go.  

Going digital and recycling or shredding any papers that are accumulating will prevent the clutter, as well as keeping a donation box to pop in any items you may no longer use which could be clogging up your space. 

Overusing cleaning products 

When it comes to your cleaning products, a little goes a long way! Overusing your cleaning products can do more harm than good, products that are not correctly rinsed will leave a residue that will become a magnet for dirt. 

Clean your cleaning supplies 

Without regularly cleaning your cleaning tools, you are going to be making your house dirtier. Regularly cleaning things like your hoover, sponges, and mops will ensure that bacteria from previous use doesn’t spread around your home. 

Need a head start for 2023?

Adopting these new cleaning habits for the New Year will ensure your house is kept clean and organised. However, sometimes you need that bit of help… Here at ACS, we have a trained team of professionals to help give your house the head start it needs for 2023. Get in contact today for all your cleaning needs.