So, the kids have been colouring and now there is felt tip where it shouldn’t be! It could be your sofa, your carpet or even the wall. With the wall, it’s easy, wash or fresh paint and its fixed. Unfortunately, you can’t provide a new lick of paint to the carpet or sofa, so what can you do?

Initial Encounter

When you initially discover the stain get some dry kitchen roll, if the ink is still wet you might be able to soak it up. This can help you remove the bulk of the stain.

Further Attempt

If the ink is dry you need to try soaking the paper towel in some lukewarm water and blotting the stain some more. The inclination here is going to be to rub it away. You must avoid this at all costs. If you do that, you’ll rub the stain in further.

Plan C

Next, you can think about adding some fairy liquid to the water. Yes, it might sound a little scary to try washing your carpet or sofa with a cleaning product for your dishes. However, that’s not what we’re suggesting. Instead, soak a cloth in warm water with a few drops of fairy liquid and then ring it out, then blot once more and hopefully, the stain will start to disappear.

Felt Tip Stain Removers

Alternatively, you can think about trying some of the felt tip stain removers. You might need to try a few before you find one that is effective. It’s also possible that these removers aren’t designed for your specific type of sofa or carpet. That’s why you need to make sure that you check the instructions first and try it in an area you can’t see.

The Smart Choice?

If you don’t fancy the risk of making the stain even worse, the best option is always going to be to call a professional. With a pro, you can avoid ruining your expensive carpet or sofa with solutions that may or may not work. The problem with these DIY options is that while they can be effective, they all come with a certain level of risk. By choosing a pro you have the best possible chance of salvaging your beloved piece of furniture or carpet!

We have plenty of experience getting kids out of trouble by removing the stains they sometimes cause. Our expert team will get those felt tips stains out in no time!

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