What is the best way to clean my oven at home?

Whilst there is no better feeling than getting your oven professionally cleaned by a pro, we understand that (especially with lockdown!), there will be times when you will want to do it yourself. That’s why as a professional company with many years in the business, we want to provide you with our trade secrets into how to give your oven that extra sparkle!

Oven cleaning is no fun business! It is definitely not a chore anyone rushes to add to the top of their list right? Well there are many reasons why we should all keep our ovens clean (check out our blog here on why we should keep our oven clean!), but this blog is going to be your top guide to keeping your oven clean whilst at home!

First of all, the product is the most important thing to get right. Sounds easy right? Go to the supermarket, pick up an oven cleaning product, go home, get scrubbing!... You thought wrong (sorry!). Picking your oven cleaning product can be no easy task. There are THOUSANDS of products on the market and most of them are just plain rubbish! Most chemicals promise the world and the adverts make removing grease look like a piece of cake! But unfortunately we couldn’t be further from the truth. How many times have you got a cleaning product from the supermarket and spent hours scrubbing waiting for the ‘magic’ to happen, before coming to the demoralising decision to give up! Well at A Cleaning Service, we have spent our lockdown time trying to help our customers by doing the hard work for them and finding a product that DOES work like magic!

After months of experimenting and testing, we have found the product we would recommend to our clients is the ‘Bio Cooker Cleaner’ and we will tell you why!

Now we aren’t naming any names but A LOT of products on the market can actually be extremely dangerous and toxic too. A lot of oven cleaning companies and products contain caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) which can be SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL. Using caustic soda can cause serious burns to both your skin as well as your esophagus and stomach, lung inflammation and vomiting. Click here to find out more about caustic soda.

Whilst caustic soda can be very efficient in oven cleaning, we definitely wouldn’t recommend this cleaning method for you to try at home, especially if there are children present in the home. Bio Cooker Cleaner is great because it derives from seaweed and plant extracts! The product is so safe that it doesn’t even require you to wear gloves when using it. We think there is nothing worse than using a cleaning product that is so strong that it gives you a headache whilst using it. Therefore, we like Bio Cooker Cleaner because it doesn’t really have a distinct smell at all so it is really easy to use and doesn’t cause that irritating, stingy eyes feeling when using it (a BIG plus for us!).

As the world is becoming more and more conscious about our footprint and being more eco-friendly, this was another important factor for us to consider when choosing an oven product to recommend. We have found that more of our commercial clients are asking questions about how eco-friendly we are as a company which we think is great! We love that we can offer an eco-friendly service that not only provides excellent results but is also good for the environment. As Bio Cooker Cleaner is formed of seaweed and plant extracts, this makes it fully biodegradable and eco-friendly! (Definitely a feature that most oven cleaning products and companies cannot offer!).

But don’t worry, we know what you might be thinking. We thought it too…. Does it really work??!!

Whilst being eco-friendly is important, being more safe to use it doesn’t necessarily mean its going to do the job, right?

It’s a great question and definitely one that needs answering! So here is our oven technician’s review:

“When we first go through testing of new products, I am always a little sceptical. We want to make sure we get the best results, so I like to be super fussy to make sure we choose the best product possible! I was so impressed when I used Bio Cooker Cleaner as it was really easy to use, and it definitely did the job! I loved that I was working with much safer products, so it made the job much easier to complete” – Alison, Director of A Cleaning Service.

And don’t just take our word for it! Here is a review from one of our customers!

“I LOVE Bio Cooker Cleaner. I like to regularly clean my oven as I do lots of baking, but I never really had one ‘go-to’ product. Bio Cooker Cleaner always gets great results for me. My oven always looks like new afterwards but without the nasty chemical smell that I hate! I have recommended this product to all my friends, it’s a cleaning cupboard MUST!” – Alice, Bristol.

So how is it used I hear you shout at your screen?!

Well we can’t wait to tell you!

Its so simple. Here is what you need:

  • Bio Cooker Cleaner
  • Microfibre cloth. You can purchase one here. They are reusable and definitely the best cloths to use for cleaning.
  • Washing up bowl
  • Sponge

You simply spray Bio Cooker Cleaner onto your oven walls, barbeque, grills and other cooking surfaces and leave it to stand for around 30– 60 minutes (although we would recommend spraying it last thing at night so it can work its magic and then you can wipe it clean in the morning!). For best results, apply when the oven or grill is still lukewarm. When ready, fill a washing up bowl with warm water and work the oily residues away with a sponge. Be careful not to use any kind of harsh, abrasive scourer as this will scratch and damage your oven. We then recommend using the microfibre cloth to give everything a final wipe over to give it that extra sparkle!

That’s it. It is so simple! Cleaning your oven at home couldn’t be easier (or safer!).

So how do you get your hands on this incredible product (if we do say so ourselves!). Well, for anyone who uses our professional oven cleaning services after lockdown, this product will be offered in the price as an exclusive deal as we recommend all of our customers use this product as the perfect oven maintainer to keep their oven looking brilliantly clean all year round in between having their oven professionally cleaned by us.

But what if you want a bottle right now? You can get in touch with us today to order a bottle for yourself. The cost of this is £9.99 inc. VAT (plus postage). Definitely cheaper than buying a new oven right??! Our contact number is 0117 325 9250 or you can email us to place an order at hello@acleaningservice.co.uk.

So here is a simple question for you. Do you want a safe product that is going to make your oven brilliantly clean again? If the answer is yes (of course it is yes!), then get in touch today for your bottle!