Clearing a house can be a time consuming and challenging task. Hiring a professional will make the process a lot easier. 


A house clearance can be essential for many reasons: to simply make space, to prepare for a move or rental, or to clear the house when going through a loss or bereavement. 


In this blog post we will cover all you need to know about a house clearance and anything you need to do to help the process.

What is a house clearance service? 


A house clearance is when a team of professionals are hired to remove the contents of a household. 


Often, this service is used when a landlord wants to remove items from a household to prepare for rental. Alternatively, when an individual is moving house, this service can be of use to declutter -especially when downsizing. 


However, loss and bereavement are another common use of a property clearance service.


It is common for relatives of the deceased individual to use this service when clearing the contents of the house for a few reasons. These might include:

-         To re-sell the property

-         To hand the house back to the landlord

-         To assist with the grief period.

Clearing out a deceased relative's belongings can be a tough part of losing someone, so hiring a team of professionals can't take away the struggle of facing this yourself. 


Process of a house clearance:

Once you have decided on using a house clearance service, there are a few steps that now take place.


Before the cleaning service arrives, it is important to remove any items you are wanting to keep. For example: valuable items, antiques collectables, photos, or anything else of sentimental value to you. Either remove all these items into storage or ensure you let the cleaning firm know to leave these possessions alone.



·      Once the cleaning company has arrived and been informed on all designated items for removal, they will begin to clear all the house contents. 

·      The time taken to perform the clearance depends on the size of the house. For larger whole house clearances, it can take up to a full day. On the other hand, a small 1bedroom apartment can be as little as an hour. Bear this in mind when booking this service.

·      If any important documents or anything that could be of value is found during the clearance, they should be kept separate and returned to you once the process is complete.


·      Once the house clearance is complete, the team will correctly dispose of all unwanted items, in an environmentally friendly manner. 

·      In some cases (like a big clear) a skip will be bought for all waste items.

·      Appliances and anything of value, may be purchased off you for an auction or donated to charity.


It is important to note that hazardous waste cannot be taken when hiring a regular house clearance service. However, there are other services available for this situation. 


Benefits of a house clearance service


There are many advantages to using a house clearance service, the main one being convenience. Individually clearing the entire contents of a house can be a very time-consuming task. Utilising the skills and efforts of a professional clearing service will take that stress away from you.


Following on from the convenience factor, a house clearance service will instantly and correctly dispose of any waste.


In addition to the convenience of using house clearance service, they are also highly cost effective. Using this service takes away the monetary cost of clearing, collecting, transporting, and recycling the contents yourself. Therefore, hiring professionals is worth the money and time due to the amount you save.


When coping with a loss, clearing out the deceased house can be a struggle that you do not want to face. Having a house clearance service complete this for you will help make the process a lot easier. 


Finally, a key benefit of using this kind of service is the expertise that comes with it. Although house clearing may seem like a quick and easy job, there is a lot of labour and knowledge of waste that comes into play. 


Average cost of a house clearance 

There is no set answer to the pricing of a house clearance, without getting a direct quote from a business.

 This is because house clearance companies will have their own way of charging, whether that be per volume, weight or agreeing on a fixed cost before the job. 


Factors that affect the pricing of a house clearance include:

·      Types of items

·      Quantity of items 

·      Volume of the contents


However, it is possible to make an estimate as most house clearance prices will depend on the rough quantity of items. The equivalent of an extra small clearance works out at 250kg, starting at £80.


A small clearance (up to 500kg) will start from around £175. If you are planning a medium clearance (up to 750kg) the cost will begin at £250.


Lastly, a large clearance of up to 1,000kg, you will be looking at the starting cost of £320


Charges can further alter based on the disposal of certain items, such as appliances, large items and any building materials. 


What to watch out for


When hiring a house clearance company, there are a few things you should be mindful of. 


Due to a house clearance service being a one-time job, unfortunately, there are many people within this industry who will take advantage of that by overcharging, cutting corners, and breaking promises made. 


When selecting the company you would like to complete your house clearance, it is important to do further research than their website.


Checking reviews and previous customer experiences on reliable websites, like Google will give you an unbiased look at any past jobs they have completed and their reliability. Doing this will help you in identifying the best company for the job.


Another precaution you should take when hiring your clearance company is to check they are a registered waste carrier. Fly-tipped rubbish from your site can be traced back to you, resulting in a fine of up to £50,000.


Wanting a reliable clearing service?


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