The cleaning sector in the UK has seen astronomical growth and landed in the top 10 UK industries . As the industry grows, the number of workers has reached 1.63m and continues to rise as the sector expands.

Businesses that hire a commercial cleaner are hotels, warehouses, offices, and restaurants. This can cover every area of the business, including kitchens and toilets.

The average office cleaning cost is not as high as you expect. As you read on, you will explore the different costs available and how the services work.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Business premises that need cleaning services would come under the commercial cleaning umbrella. There is a difference between domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning.

A domestic cleaner will not have machinery that a commercial cleaner will. The same goes for chemicals. They will use different products for cleaning and for different areas of the building.

Businesses that hire a commercial cleaner are hotels, warehouses, offices and restaurants. This can cover every area of the business, including kitchens and toilets.

Commercial cleaning can cover a very broad range of services:

  • General office/business cleaning
  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen/food area cleaning
  • Remove rubbish/debris
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies have insurance, so they have cover for every eventuality. They have the correct cleaning products, tools and machinery for a safe and effective job.

Cleanliness in the workplace is very important. This will make sure there are no hazards or dangers and ensure the workplace is safe. It's also a good way to keep up hygiene in the workplace and make sure nothing is being spread from employee to employee.

One factor to consider is the office cleaning cost. You don't want a low-ballpark figure, as it might not give you the high level of cleaning that you need. Take your time with your decision and ask for several quotes.

How Does the Service Work?

The first thing you will need to decide is how often you need the services and which services you need. Commercial cleaning services operate on a minimum amount of hours per week or month, so you need to figure out your needs first.

Weekly services such as general cleaning are a good way to keep the business clean and tidy. Toilet and kitchen cleaning should be a daily need. It's also an idea to consider how often carpets need cleaning and any areas such as hard floors and stairs.

Smaller workspaces, offices and work areas don't need as much cleaning as larger offices. If you have a business where there is a constant build-up of dirt and materials, then cleaning is a daily task.

Once you have decided how often you need the services, along with what services you want, then you can start looking for companies.

Most companies will have the least amount of time you need to sign up for. These are usually 6-12 month contracts to start off. Then a minimum amount of time to cancel, at least a month.

Talk through your requirements and discuss what areas need cleaning more regularly. Ensure every aspect is included in your cleaning service, as well as the areas you need to do less often.

Give the company a list of every task you need them to perform. Tasks such as polishing desks and equipment to cleaning and sterilising areas. Make sure you cover workplace hygiene also, which will keep your staff safe.

The company will come and talk through everything you need for cleaning. They will provide a list of services they offer and then they will give you a price list.

Together, you will come up with your list of cleaning requirements and they will provide the costs to you. This is also a good chance to ask questions, go over areas you need specific cleaning doing and ensure that you are both happy.

There will be a contract created between you both that you both agree to. Then, a deposit is usually requested and paid upfront. Finally, a start date to go ahead with the services is offered.

Why You Should Consider a Commercial Cleaning Service

Professional office cleaners will perform the job to a high standard. They will use the right equipment and products for the best results. Leaving the area clean, sanitised and smelling fresh.

The cleaners have prior training to clean efficiently and effectively. They are trained to use the machinery and chemicals in a correct manner. Taking great care to make sure there are no hazards or damage caused.

Extra insurance is needed for cleaners. This will cover the use of machinery, chemicals, and also accidents. Your insurance will not cover this, so you will need extra insurance if you hire your own cleaner.

Hiring an office cleaner will take away the need for insurance, machinery, and chemicals, as this is all included. This will save you money long term and any insurance issues will come down to the company.

Health and safety is a factor you must consider for your business premises. Cleaning is covered under the general health and safety of your staff.

You will need to sterilise the work equipment at least once or twice a week. This includes devices, bathrooms, and kitchen areas where your employees will be using.

Here are some ideas of what you can consider as daily tasks that need doing:

  • Tidy away desk areas
  • Dust shelves, desks and surfaces
  • Sanitise desks, office equipment, switches and bannisters
  • Hoover, sweep, and mop floors
  • Clean toilets/kitchen areas
  • Clear away rubbish from bins
  • Wash any dishes or unpack the dishwasher
  • Washing clothing or towels/cloths

There will be other tasks that need doing less often. Discuss in length before you select the right commercial cleaning business.

Carpet cleaning should be considered as this will remove odours and give a fresh look to the area. It's also a way to show your clients and customers that you take good care of the surroundings, staff and them.

Window cleaning on the inside is also important. This does not need to be performed as much as the outside, but it will make the building look clean and welcoming.

Typical Office Cleaning Cost - What to Expect

Office cleaning costs can vary based on several factors. This can depend on the number of tasks you need to finish in that time frame.

Most companies charge per hour, few will give you a set cost per week. This is to cover any hours that have gone overdue to aspects of the job taking longer to complete.

Some tasks are harder and need more professional office cleaners. Here, the costs might be higher than expected.

Be wary if the commercial cleaning costs are too low. You don't want cleaning services that are not up to expectations. This may lead you to consider other means of cleaning.

Commercial cleaning is priced at £50 per hour and can increase to £100 an hour. As the cost varies on what services you need and the number of cleaners, getting a quote is the best way for you to get prices.

Cleaning companies will ask for a minimum number of hours per week. Depending on the type of business and the size, you might need a cleaner working throughout the day. Another option is early morning or once the employees have left for the day.

Cleaning daily will be a good way to keep your workspace clean, tidy, and sanitised. This also helps keep your staff safe and helps stop the spread of germs.

There are other tasks you need to consider, such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning. These do not need to be performed as much—a carpet clean is good once or twice a year and the windows every month or two.

If you are looking for extra services, the costs may increase. The cleaning company will consider what products and machinery will benefit the task. They will choose the right cleaner for your needs.

They will have a variety of cleaners to choose from and will choose the right cleaner for your needs. Each cleaner will operate at different levels in their abilities and tasks they can perform. A great match will do well for your business and take off the pressure of finding your own cleaner.

Clean business premises will give you a good appearance with your clients and customers. The monetary value is worth it long-term.

Where Can I Find a Commercial Cleaner?

Hiring an office cleaner is easy, so long as you ask the right questions and provide a list of services you need. There are expectations, so make them clear from the start.

If you want more information, contact us for more details on a free, no-obligation quote. Whilst A Cleaning Service does not provide general cleaning services specifically, we work with excellent companies that do and can provide specialist cleaning services such as carpet and floor cleaning for your office. We can provide the office cleaning cost here and you can ask questions as needed.

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You can discuss your needs and ensure you are getting the right service for you and your business. Hiring a commercial cleaner is a step in the right direction.

(Originally posted 2021, updated for 2023)