Carpeted floors create luxurious, warm and inviting living environments in any home. Unfortunately, carpets also attract dirt and debris; which means their appearance can be easily tainted. It is important for you to periodically clean your carpet, with more than just a standard vacuum, in order to maintain its appearance.

Deep cleaning a carpet is a super easy process IF you hire a professional. Whilst some people would prefer to complete a ‘DIY’ job to save money; they often haven’t considered the difficult and inconvenient processes that doing themselves actually entails. DIY carpet cleaning, including rented carpet cleaning machines and store-bought carpet shampoos, has many downfalls.

Risk of Damage

Unless you have an in-depth understanding of proper carpet cleaning techniques, methods, and products to use on your specific carpet: avoid trying to clean it yourself!

If a carpet is cleaned incorrectly it is at risk of being damaged. Using too much cleaning solution or the wrong cleaning product; over-wetting the carpet or not drying it efficiently; are just some of the ways that people ruin their carpets when attempting a DIY cleaning job. You may also spread the stain you are attempting to remove or push it even deeper into the fibers.

Inefficient Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a tricky process to perfect. DIY jobs often fail to remove all of the dirt and tough stains from a carpet, because the person lacks experience and skill to remove it all. When dirt is left in the carpet it can become permanently embedded into the fibres; making future cleaning jobs an even more difficult task!

Time Consuming

We have already mentioned that understanding how to clean a carpet is hard; but have you considered all of the other difficult, time-consuming tasks that coincide with DIY carpet cleaning? Moving furniture out of the way; operating the cleaning machine; setting up drying equipment… DIY carpet cleaning calls for a lot of time and energy; which you may feel is better spent elsewhere.

Pros of Professional Carpet Cleaning…

When you pay for a professional carpet cleaning service, you are not only opting for the luxury of convenience; but are also choosing a service that is economically beneficial to you in the future. Not only will your carpets be cleaned correctly, and the stains removed, but your carpets can be dry in just 30 minutes, allowing you to use your home as normal as soon as possible. Remember… if you mess up your DIY carpet cleaning, you will have to replace the entire carpet! Save yourself this unnecessary expense today by choosing ‘A Carpet Cleaning’.

The highly trained staff at ‘A Carpet Cleaning’ promise to provide a quality cleaning service, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information on how we can protect your carpets to the highest standard, visit A Cleaning Services or phone us on 0117 3259250.