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A Cleaning Service is a local, family run business of cleaning expects who can’t wait to transform your space. We’ve been operating for over 15 years, bringing that extra sparkle to our client’s homes and earning our reputation as a reliable, highly recommended cleaning service.

ACS began as a carpet and rug cleaning service, but we’ve since expanded to many different domestic services including floor cleaning, deep mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, and upholstery and leather cleaning.

Sit back, lay down any worries, and let us do all the hard work for you. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be assured that our customer service will be of the highest quality from your very first point of contact.

Our home cleaning services regularly visit Cardiff, Newport, and much of South Central Wales. Contact us today for more details.

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Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff and Wales

Accredited by the National Carpet Cleaning Association, our professional carpet cleaning service is industry leading. We use only eco-friendly products and in many cases leave your carpets dry in as little as 30 minutes. We also sanitise your carpet without any harsh chemicals, so the products we use are completely safe for children and pets.

Cardiff Oven Cleaning

Did you know that not only can dirty ovens be less energy efficient, but they can also be a cause of food poisoning or even household fires! Our oven cleaning experts are only too happy to turn your oven, hob, or aga from grimy to sparkling. We take the oven to bits, removing racks, fittings, and glass doors before cleaning every inch. These removeable parts take a long dip in our custom-made tank, removing all streaks, oily patches, and burnt on food, while we work on the main oven with our bio seaweed cleaner. We can even clean extractor fans on request.

Before leaving, we reassemble each piece of your cooker and give it a final polish, leaving you with a professionally cleaned oven which will help you serve tastier food than ever.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Cardiff

Comfortable sofas and armchairs are often at the heart of a home and can see some heavy use, especially if you have kids or pets in the mix. We offer high quality extraction cleaning to remove stains, odours, allergens, and dirt, leaving your chairs not only clean but actually sanitized. All of our eco-friendly cleaning products are completely safe for use around pets and children.

Regular cleans can extend the life of your beloved sofas and we can even provide stain protection to avoid future damaging spills. Our NCCA-trained upholstery cleaners can bring your furniture beautifully back to life.

Cardiff Rug Cleaning

Rugs are wonderful for adding comfort to hard floors and bringing a pop of colour to any space. However, spillages can leave stains which are difficult to remove and even well cared for rugs can gather dust and bacteria over time. Regular cleans can stop fungi and bacteria growth in its tracks and remove any allergens which may be threatening the air quality of your home.

We offer an at-home service where we freshen up rugs then and there, using a low-moisture system which will leave your rug ready for action in no time. We can collect them free of charge for specialist rug cleaning in our studio. There, we deep clean rugs of all types and materials, from silk, to wool, to acrylic. All rugs in our studio go through an eleven-step process of deep cleaning, acting with care and penetrating deep into the fibres.

that extra sparkle

We’re a family-run cleaning company and we’re proud to offer a reliable service supported by certification, training and a wealth of industry experience. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have the assurance that we will get the job done right the first time and every time.

Professional Curtain Cleaning in Cardiff

Curtains can easily be overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Even if you do remember to haul them to the dry cleaners now and again, the risk of shrinkage and the inconvenience of the process can make you wish you hadn’t bothered.

However, curtains do attract a lot of dust and it’s recommended to clean them twice a year where possible. The solution? ACS offer an in-situ curtain cleaning service. This means one of our cleaning technicians will come to your home and professionally dry clean your curtains where they hang using our specialist equipment. In no time, you’ll be left with dry, brilliantly clean curtains free of dirt, stains, and dust.

Deep Mattress Cleaning Cardiff

We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, so why not make that the best possible experience? Dust mites, bacteria, and all sorts of nasties build up over time in our beds, and cleaning soda only touches the surface.

Our professional mattress cleaners use a highly powered extraction machine to clean deep inside your mattress, eliminating dust mites, allergens, bacteria, and any unpleasant odours. Our trauma-trained experts have seen it all before and won’t blink at any stains or accidents, we even reserve a few time sensitive appointments for emergencies such as sickness in bed. If you need your mattress to be dry in time for a good night’s sleep, we have industry standard dryers on hand to speed the process along, although we would recommend a morning appointment where possible.

Cardiff Hard Floor Cleaning

Even if you keep on top of cleaning hard floors, a few wrong spills can create a sticky or slippery surface that’s unpleasant or even unsafe to use. Wood, laminate, stone, and tiles can be badly affected by grease or gunky stains, and most household cleaners are unlikely to shift them.

Not only do our cleaning professionals remove these using industry-leading equipment, but they also moisturise, condition, and buff stone and wooden floors to bring them back to their former glory.  Our equipment also penetrates deep into the flooring to remove any ingrained dirt or dust hidden in the gaps between tiles for a completely hygienic clean.

Leather Cleaning and Treatment in Cardiff

When treated with love, leather furnishings can last a lifetime. Our leather cleaning service removes any scuffs or stains from your leather furniture using expert techniques and carefully chosen products, before moisturising and conditioning the leather. This means leather sofas and armchairs can continue to serve their purpose for many years to come with less cracking and discolouration. The professional leather cleaning technicians know the exact techniques to clean and revive all kinds of leather, including  full grain, top grain, split grain, bonded leather, bi-cast leather, nubuck, and more.