Coronavirus Safe Home Promise:

Coronavirus has brought chaos to the world. It has been an extremely challenging time for both our customers and the local community as well as businesses and the economy too. That is why as a local business we would like to share our Coronavirus Safe Home Promise.

This Promise is a set of guidelines and information that we would like to share to our loyal customers, so you know that you are in safe hands when using our services. As we are infection control trained, we already know a thing or two about staying safe when it comes to heightened hygiene practices but we want our local community to know that they can reach out at any time for any help or guidance on cleaning, hygiene, decontamination and infection control services during this challenging time.

Here is our promise to you:


We are infection control trained. To confirm this is not some quick test that the team took; our team have been trained in infection control and trauma cleaning and decontamination with the industry leading bodies including Ultima and the National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners. Our technicians are very experienced providing infection control services and regularly work with our local care homes, hospitals, schools and medical practices. For more information on our qualifications and experience, please get in contact with us via email: or call 0117 325 9250.


We are fully insured to provide infection control and decontamination services. We have specialist insurance covers meaning we can provide our infection control and specialist cleaning services in both domestic and commercial settings.


We use industry leading products and procedures to ensure maximum safety to our customers. The products we use are one of the most important parts of our job. We carefully select the products to ensue they are safe and achieve the best results for you. One of the main products we use with infection control has a kill log of 5 and a 24 hour efficacy. This means it continues to create a barrier for 24 hours after sanitising and is 99.99999% effective. Our chemicals have also been certified specifically against Covid-19, not just coronavirus and other existing infectious viruses.

Sanitizing treatment

When carrying out any domestic work, our focus is, and always has been for our 15 years of operation, to SANITISE, not just clean. To be more specific, we always ensure we include a standard sanitising treatment with every clean FREE of charge. Our priority is to sanitise and clean your home. We are also ensuring we wipe down any touchpoints with a sanitiser too to ensure we leave every area we work in clean and safe.

2 metre distancing  

We will always ensure we keep a safe distance at all times to abide by the social distancing laws in place in the UK. We would ask that whilst the technician is in your home, you also follow these 2 metre distancing rules. You go and relax whilst we work on making your home brilliantly fresh again!

Contact-free Payment

We are ensuring we minimalize contact by offering contact free payment options. There are a number of ways you can make a contact-free payment with us:

o  BACS – we can send you an invoice after the job is completed with our bank details on for you to make a bank transfer.

o  Secure card payment – once the work is completed, a member of the team can call you to take a secure card payment over the phone.

o  Easy payment plan – This option allows you to spread your payment across 3 months at 0% interest with no additional costs or fees. It is set up as a direct debit that is automatically cancelled after the 3 months payments have been received. For more information, click here!


PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. As a team we are ensuring we wear the correct PPE in order to protect you and your family as well as ourselves during this challenging period. Depending on the type of clean we are offering, we will adjust our PPE accordingly. So, if we are providing a straightforward domestic clean, we will likely be wearing a face mask and gloves when entering your property. However, if we are completing a trauma job or fogging a building where there has been a confirmed covid case, we will be fully suited in protective gear including respirators, goggles and full body coverings.


We have always as a company focused on providing good communication to our customers. When you become a customer with us, we will take an email address so we can send you confirmation of your quote appointments, bookings and receipts. As a family run company, we think communication is key so if you have any questions, please get in touch with us via email call 0117 325 9250 and we will be more than happy to help and answer any questions. We also have a handy guide on our website about what you can prepare before we come to your property. Check it out here!

24/7 emergency callouts

For all confirmed or suspected covid cases, or extreme trauma jobs including excessive blood, urine, sickness, faeces, sharps removals etc., we are continuing to provide emergency 24-hour availability. If you urgently require our specialist cleaning services, please call 0117 325 9250.

During these challenging times our customers and their safety is our priority. We will abide by government law and restrictions in place to ensure we carry out our work safely and to our usual excellent standard. As qualified infection control technicians, we want to make sure our customers property is left safe, sanitised and sparkly clean! So whether you are looking to have your domestic oven cleaned at home or you have a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case in your office, A Cleaning Service can help and will ensure we follow our Coronavirus Home Safe Promise to complete your work.

For any more information, please contact the office on 0117 325 9250 or email us at

Take care and stay safe!

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