Keeping your carpet clean is undoubtedly one of the most important household chores of all. After all, the look of the floor sets the tone of an entire room. Thankfully, our helpful hints and advice should help with tackling some common stains.

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Today’s post is all about getting red wine out of your carpet.

Unfortunately, we can’t undo the fact that your lovely wine has gone to waste, but we can at least save your carpet. Here’s how.

man kneeling on the carpet to blot the stain

Blot The Spot Immediately

Leaving the spill for any length of time is the worst thing you can do when red wine hits the carpet, but rubbing it isn’t the correct solution either. Instead, you should use paper towels or a dry tea towel to dab and blot the red wine stain in a bid to soak up the liquid without forcing it into the carpet fibres. Rubbing it will ruin the fibres and push the stain deeper.

table salt to soak stained carpet

Soak Up With Salts

If you have a bicarbonate sodium solution to hand, this is the perfect choice. If not, table salt can work as a good substitute. Given that these products soak up the moisture, it’s best to act quickly (immediately after the blotting) to see the best results. When the stain is dried, you can add a little water first.

paper towel and washing mixture in a spray bottle to dab stained carpet

Get Dabbing

Mix up a solution of washing up liquid, white vinegar and warm water together and a clean tea towel in the solution. Then use the towel to dab the affected area, which should loosen up the stain and allow you to blot it away with a separate dry tea towel.

white wine in a glass to remove carpet stain

Use White Wine

While we wouldn’t jump straight to this step, using white wine can dilute and loosen the stain if you don’t have one of the previous options to hand, which will make it easier to blot away. Give it a few seconds to work, before dabbing with a clean tea towel. You may need to repeat the process, but it’s still best to act while the stain is fresh.

carpet cleaning expert removing stains

Call The Experts

Before you tackle any stain on your own it is important to know what type of carpet you have (wool, synthetic etc.) as this greatly affects how you should deal with the stain and how stubborn it will be to remove; so although it is tempting to try to DIY the stain, it is always best to call the professional carpet cleaners so you don’t cause any further damage!

If luck is on your side, those steps will help drag the red wine stain away from the carpet fibres. Sadly, not all stains will be beaten by this method. Still, your carpet can be saved by a team of experts that have the right materials and talent. A Carpet Cleaning are those experts!  We have a fully trained team who can get almost any stain out of your carpets!

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