When you have a four-legged friend in your home, it’s not unusual for the occasional “accident” to happen, but if these little incidents take place on a rug or carpet, the clean-up operation takes a little more effort!

With a combination of immediate action and professional deep cleaning, there’s no reason you can’t restore your carpet to pristine condition

If you spot the pet stain while it’s still wet then try to soak up the moisture as much as possible, as this will make the process more successful.

Follow these steps to minimise the damage…

- First, remove any solid matter

- Place paper towels on the affected area, press them down firmly down into the carpet, repeat until the carpet is only slightly damp. (You can also use a white cloth towel.)

- Place a final layer of towels over the stain, and apply heavy foot pressure. Stand (make sure to wear your shoes!) for at least one minute then remove the towels.

- Rinse the area with cool, clean water, mixed with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Make sure that the water flushes completely through the fibres in the carpet. Don’t rub.

- Finally soak up as much of this moisture as possible, using a new clean dry cloth towel.

- Allow drying completely before walking on the area.

If you aren’t aware your furry friend has had an accident then by the time you discover it, it may have had time to “set” leaving a strong smell that will encourage your pet to remark their spot! But don’t despair there is a way to resolve this...

Vinegar Solution - Mix 50% white vinegar with 50% water, apply the solution liberally to the stain allowing it to soak deep into the carpet. The vinegar will neutralise the urine, eliminating the pungent smell. After allowing time to soak, blot dry.

You may be tempted to buy an off-the-shelf product at the supermarket, but ironically, many of these pet mess cleaning solutions and shampoos are not very pet-friendly, and often don’t even sanitise the area so these are best avoided.

It is VERY important to note that you must NEVER use a steam cleaner to deal with pet mess stains and odours, as the heat from this process will set the stain on the carpet, making it permanent, and leaving you with no option but to replace your carpets!

Our quick-fix methods above can be effective in the short term, but the only way to completely remove any stains or lingering odour is to have your carpets professionally cleaned by reputable cleaning company (like ourselves!!), All solutions used by A Cleaning Service are approved as pet-friendly, and as well as safely cleaning they will completely sanitise the area too!