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Why do I need to get my rug cleaned?

Deep cleaning your rug is a good way to increase the lifespan and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Professional rug cleaning removes the dust, bacteria and allergens that a regular hoover cannot reach. This ultimately helps easier breathing and reduces health risks in your home.

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We offer an easy payment plan that means you can spread your cost over the space of 3 months with 0% interest and no added extra cost!

At ACS we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services. If you are not happy you can either receive a full refund or we will amend the issue.

We recommend getting your rugs professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. However, there are many factors that can alter how often you should clean your rug. Depending on the type of rug you have, lifestyle, and any elements your rug has been exposed to. Regular upkeep is essential in maintaining your rugs cleanliness.

Once your rug has been professionally cleaned, it is best to try and maintain the cleanliness. This can be done in a few ways: The most convenient way of rug aftercare is to regularly hoover your rug. This keeps dirt and dust build up to a minimum. A few more important steps to follow include: spot cleaning, blotting any spills and rotating the placement of the rug.

Rug cleaning timings can vary depending on the size the job. To find out more accurate information, fill out our contact form and speak to one of our experts. They will be able give you pricing quotes and a more bespoke answer.

Professional rug cleaning prices can vary depending on the size of the rug. We advise you to get a free quote by calling or filling out our contact form on our website before booking our service.

Yes, there are methods of at home rug cleaning. However, none will be as effective as a professional clean

Professional rug cleaning will remove any stains! Our deep cleaning tools go deep into the fibers of the rug and drags out any bacteria and dirt below the surface.


Our rug cleaning service begins with your rug being collected free of charge, then bought into the rug cleaning studio.

Your rug will then go through 11 different stages of deep cleaning, including rug beating, submerging and drying.

All completed with care and patience to ensure the best results. Once your rug has been checked over, we will then deliver back to your house.

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