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What are other benefits of going professional?

Not only do we guarantee that your mattress will be sanitised, clean and sparkling; by going professional you also extend the life of your mattress, contribute to a healthier environment and save yourself money in the long run too!

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We are fully insured up to £5,000,000.00, for all levels of the work we carry out, from standard domestic cleans, to trauma related clean ups and large commercial settings. No matter your setting – we can clean it!

We give a 100%satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with our work, we will either return your money or will rectify what needs to be done.

Yes, we offer 0%on all our services over 3 months with no set up fees. Our easy payment plan means that you can spread your carpet clean over 3 months with absolutely no added costs. Say your mattress cleaning quote is £30.00 and you would like to split your payment. You will be given the option to spread this over 3 months meaning your monthly instalment will be just £10.00. There is no set up cost or additional fees. All you need to do is set up the direct debit with us that is automatically cancelled once all the payments have been received. Easy!

One of the great things that we offer at A Cleaning Service is our home packages! This means your carpets, oven and upholstery can look great all year round with just a small monthly fee. Some of our packages even includes unlimited emergency callouts - which is a life saver when that glass of red wine gets knocked over!

We also offer our own cleaning supplies. After scouring the supermarket for products that can yield good results without wreaking havoc on your hands – we did some research and came up with our own! Now you can use affordable, eco-friendly, child and pet safe products that produce amazing results between deep-cleans. You can either get the products along with your professional clean or order them separately. To find out more, speak to a member of the team on 0117 325 9250.

No, our extraction machine uses steam, and we also sanitise and deodorise all mattresses as standard. We guarantee to leave your mattress fresher and smelling better than when we arrived!

No, we only ask that you please strip the bed of all linens and mattress covers (for both domestic and commercial instances). That way, the technician can get straight to cleaning and stain-removing!

Quite the opposite! Getting a regular, professional clean removes dust, mites and other spillages which may build up inside your mattress and cause damage and/or unwanted smells.

Professional mattress cleaning extends the life of your mattress, which means less cause damage to the environment by ending up in landfills. This also means you won’t have to replace them as often – saving yourself some money, too!

Whilst we cannot guarantee to remove all stains, we are specialists in stain removal as our technicians are fully trained and certified using all the latest equipment, products and techniques. We are also members of the National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners, so we are fully trained and insured to deal with trauma related stains –including blood.

If a stubborn stain occurs, we recommend calling us in as soon as possible and avoid putting other products on as this can react and potentially make the problem worse.Give us a call and we’ll get you in as quickly as possible to get that stain gone!

All our specialist technicians are trained in various aspects of mattress cleaning and know that different fibres (such as memory foam, hybrid or spring mattresses) may require different methods of cleaning.

Every one of our technicians are trained on all the newest and best cleaning techniques for different fibres and stains, so you can rest easy knowing your mattress is in good hands!

Yes, all our chemicals are safe. As a family run business, we understand this is a top priority which is why we carefully select all our cleaning products to be not only superior, but pet and child friendly as well. We use tried-and-tested, industry-led brands that are also environmentally safe.

We’ve all heard the best way to clean a mattress is with baking soda, but is it really the best way to guarantee it’s clean? If you’re serious about removing the build-up of mites, allergens, stains and other unwanted bed mates then going professional is the way to go.

Our high-powered, hot water extraction machine dives into the mattress fibres and drive out all the dust, mites, allergens and any other bits that shouldn’t be there. We also sanitise and deodorise all your mattresses as standard so you can settle down with a smile on your face, knowing your mattress is sparkling!

Did you know (according to ‘Which’), the average adult loses approximately 265mls of fluid a night and 454g of dead skin a year, not to mention the 10,000 dust mites that you’re sharing the bed with? Yes - we wish we didn’t know that either!

Therefore, we suggest getting a deep clean twice a year so you can rest easy knowing your mattress is safe and sanitized with no unwanted visitors.

We’re here to help, so our job is to work around you. Our free survey establishes your needs and then we can confirm your booking for whenever is convenient for you.

We understand that emergencies can happen (vomit, urine, blood or sickness) so we reserve appointments for urgent enquiries to get this safe and sanitised for you as quickly as possible.

We can get booked up a few weeks in advance, so if you have a particular timeframe in mind, it’s best to let us know as soon as you can to avoid unavailability.

We use a high-powered extraction machine to penetrate the mattress and drive out all the dirt, allergens and any other undesirables - so you can expect the mattress to be a little damp after we’ve been. If you are wanting to sleep on your mattress that same day, we would recommend requesting a morning appointment to allow for maximum dry time. We also have high powered dryers we can use to help speed up the dry time for you. you can reduce the time by using a an and leaving your windows open.

This all depends on the number of mattresses and how long they will take to clean. The best option to get a free, no obligation quotation from us is to get in touch by calling or emailing or you can fill out one of our contact forms on our website.

This all depends on the size of yourmattress but we usually advise to leave a time slot of between 1 and 2 hours. We know how busy the days can get so we aim to be in-and-out of your hair as quickly as possible!  

Of course, aswith most deep cleaning tasks, this can depend on how soiled the mattress is,how big it is and the type of mattress.

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