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How long will it take you to clean my oven?

This depends on the size of your oven and the amount ofgrease build up but here is a rough guide for you:

Standard single oven: approx. 1 / 2 hours

Standard double oven: approx. 2 / 3 hours

Ranges / AGA's: approx. 4 / 5 hours

One of our top tips when booking your appointment is to picka time where you can be quite flexible just in case there are any delays in theclean.

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We are fully insured up to £5,000,000.00.  We are insured for all levels of the work we carry out, from standard domestic carpet and oven cleans, to trauma related clean ups and large commercial settings.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy and we are unable to rectify the issue, you will receive your money back. As a family run business, we pride ourselves on offering a great service with fantastic results. We have hundreds of happy customers and would love for you to join them!

Yes we do. our oven maintenance plans currently form part of our home maintenance plans. This means your carpets, oven and upholstery can look great all year round with just a small monthly fee. Some of our packages even includes unlimited emergency call outs! For more information on our packages, please visit our special offers page on the website or get in contact today.

Yes, we offer 0% on all our services over 3 months with no set up fees. Our easy payment plan means that you can spread your oven clean over 3 months with absolutely no added costs. Say your oven cleaning quote is £90.00 and you would like to split your payment. You will be given the option to spread this over 3 months meaning your monthly instalment will be just £30.00. There is no set up cost or additional fees. All you need to do is set up the direct debit with us that is automatically cancelled once all the payments have been received. Easy!

Yes we do! We offer discounted packages if you book to get your oven, hob and extractor hood cleaned. Our oven, hob and hood packages are a great way to grab a deal and get all three appliances looking great and operating more efficiently! We also offer home packages too. This means your carpets, oven and upholstery can look great all year round with just a small monthly fee. Some of our packages even includes unlimited emergency call outs! For more information on our packages, please visit our special offers page on the website or get in contact today.

No, we don’t. If you have this information to hand then that is always useful for us to provide to our technician in advance, but this is not required to give you a quotation or complete the job. We just need to know general details like is our oven a single door oven or a double door oven? If you have any questions about if we can clean your specific oven, please get in touch and a member of the team would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Yes definitely. All we need to know is if your oven is a single door oven, a double door oven, a Range or an AGA and we can provide you with a price over the phone. We can also provide you with a quote via email or social media too.

This all depends on the size of your oven. Please get in contact with us via email, call or filling out one of our contact forms and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

One of the great things that we offer at A Cleaning Service is our home packages! This means your carpets, oven and upholstery can look great all year round with just a small monthly fee. Some of our packages even includes unlimited emergency call outs!

We also offer a range of our own products. After our customers continually battling with the harsh chemicals and poor results that supermarket products provide, we decided to research and supply our own cleaning products that can help you to keep your carpets, upholstery or oven looking great between professional cleans! Our products are eco-friendly, child and pet safe and most importantly, get AMAZING results! You can either get the products along with your professional clean or order them separately. To find out more, speak to a member of the team on 0117 325 9250!

There are many ways you can do this. one of the best ways is to use our oven bio cleaner and a sponge or cloth to periodically wipe over the bottom of your oven (when the oven is cool and not in use!). You can also purchase oven liners which are great too.

We recommend cleaning your oven trays after every use. With regards to the inside of your oven, this can really depend on what you were cooking. Most of the time, your oven will not require a light clean after every use however if you are cooking something like a roast where there are lots of oils and fats, then it is definitely a good idea to give your oven a wipe over once the oven has cooled to remove any grease. Similarly, if you have any spillages in your oven (maybe a casserole has bubbled over or a cake has risen too much), it is always best to wipe it up as much as possible afterwards and then call us if you require any further assistance with fully removing the spillage so it doesn’t continue to burn and smoke when you cook again.

Our top tip is to use our oven bio cleaner to keep on top of your oven between cleans. This handy spray is great for cleaning ovens and barbeques and it is completely safe to use! We also supply the perfect oven maintenance pack which includes a microfibre cloth and sponge to help keep your oven looking sparkly between professional cleans! To purchase your oven maintenance pack, please get in touch!

You are safe to use your oven straight away. Before the technician leaves, they will ensure the oven is running correctly. We would advise to follow the cooking instructions remembering to preheat the oven before placing food in your oven for safety reasons.

Most of the time, the oven can be faulty or not heat up correctly due to a build-up in grease. Most of the time, a professional clean can solve the problem allowing your oven to function correctly again. However, this is not guaranteed. Furthermore, we are unable to fix any fault with the oven other than carrying out our cleaning process. If you require an oven engineer, please get in touch as we may be able to recommend someone local to you to help. Please ensure you use a licenced gas-safe / electrical engineer before getting any gas / electrical work carried out on your oven.

Yes we can. Simply let us know your oven's make and model number before your oven clean and the items that require replacing and we can order these in and replace for you during the clean. Our technician does also carry spare lightbulbs in the van so don’t worry if you haven't informed us in advance as we still may be able to help! *Please note, this may provide additional charges. Your technician will inform you of the additional cost before replacing any item in your oven to get your approval first.

Most of the time odours coming from the oven are caused from burnt grease or food that has not been fully removed. Once this has all been removed and professionally cleaned, in most cases this will fully remove the odours coming from your oven.

Yes we definitely can. As part of our process, we will dismantle the oven door removing all the glass panels and ensuring each side gets a thorough clean to remove any stains between the panels. If for any reason we are unable to dismantle the door, you will be notified of this during the clean.

Yes. We are very experienced dealing with removing even the most stubborn grease. Whilst we cannot guarantee that all grease can be fully removed, we have always achieved excellent results and have hundreds of happy customers!

We will clean all the removable items that come as standard with the oven. Some trays will have non-stick coatings on them which means we may be unable to clean them. Please speak with the technician on the day of the clean for more information on the trays.

Yes. With the racks, we most commonly will submerge them in our custom built dip tanks in the van to remove any built up grease on them. They will then be rinsed off and wiped down before being placed back into your shiny, clean oven!

Yes. We have different tools and techniques to help us remove any stubborn burnt food that may be stuck on the bottom of your oven!

Definitely. The process we use and the products we use in your home are completely safe so there is no need for you to leave the home. Our job is to work around you and we like our service to be as a hassle-free as possible with minimal disruption to you and your family whilst we are completing the work.

The oven will need to be cool in order to clean it. It is therefore best that you do not use your oven at least a couple of hours beforehand to ensure the oven is cool enough. If you have an AGA, this must be switched off at least 24 hours before the clean to ensure it has had enough time to completely cool down.

Your oven should not be on when we arrive. We will need your oven to be cool in order to clean it so we would advise not using it at least a couple of hours before the clean. If you have an AGA, this must be switched off at least 24 hours before the clean to ensure it has had enough time to completely cool down. Please also make sure the area in front of your oven is clear so the technician has suitable access to the appliance.

Yes. Whilst we use a wide range of different oven cleaning products throughout the clean, one of the main products we use is our bio oven cleaner. This is an amazing product that is seaweed based and gets great results. It is the perfect product to keep your oven looking great in between professional cleans! To order a bottle for yourself, please get in contact and a member of the team will arrange this for you.

All cleaning products have chemicals in them, even water is made up of chemicals! However, the cleaning products we use, we choose carefully to ensure they are safe to use and as least toxic as possible. Most of our oven products are eco-friendly and biodegradable and our bio oven cleaning product which you can buy is seaweed based! We may require using some stronger chemicals in certain circumstances, especially with commercial ovens, but we do our best to ensure these products do not enter the home.

Definitely! One of the main benefits is that it reduces the risk of fire in your home. By having your oven professionally cleaned, this will remove any fats or grease that could otherwise ignite and cause a fire. Also, dirty ovens can produce harmful smoke and even food poisoning if not cleaned properly! Also, a clean oven allows for your oven to operate far more efficiently and safely. Finally, a clean oven also looks fantastic! There is no better feeling than having your once dirty oven look like new again… (without the brand new oven price tag!!).

Yes. This is a great question. Whilst some ovens have a self-cleaning feature, it is still recommended that your oven receives a professional clean to ensure it is kept in a safe condition. We commonly clean self-cleaning ovens so this is no problem for us at all.

We have experience cleaning a wide variety of ovens. From 40 year old AGA's in a castle, to huge industrial commercial ovens to standard domestic ovens, we are fully trained to clean a wide variety of ovens! We are used to dealing with most common household name domestic ovens including SMEG and Belling but if you want to check if we can clean your oven, please send us an email to hello@acleaningservice.co.uk with a picture and the make of your oven and I’m sure we can help!

We use a range of different methods and techniques depending on whether it is commercial or domestic work. For most ovens, we tend to do most of the work by hand. We use certain industry leading products to coat the oven and then use a selection of different tools and cloths to remove any grease build up. We also have custom built dip tanks and equipment built into the van which allows us to submerge any removable items into the cleaning solution before rinsing them and returning them back to the oven. We have tried many different methods and techniques and now we truly believe that our technicians provide the highest standard of professional oven cleaning.

This all depends on how much you use the oven, what kind of things you like cooking, how you maintain the oven between professional cleans etc. A lot of our customers tend to get their oven cleaned every 6 months to keep it looking great all year round, but we recommend getting your oven professionally cleaned at least every 12 months for safety reasons.

There are a number of benefits to getting your oven professionally cleaned. Firstly, our oven experts are trained to be able to dismantle the oven so even the hardest places (like the glass panels!), are cleaned to the highest standard. Oven cleaning can be messy and time consuming so another great benefit is that you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing away as our technicians have all the tools and products to get your oven looking great again. Also, a lot of the chemicals you can buy in store to clean your oven can be quite harmful and toxic. Our technicians only use eco-friendly, biodegradable products in your home so they are safe to use and wont leave any nasty, harmful chemical residue! Finally, a dirty oven can be really dangerous fire risk in your home. By having a professional clean your oven, you can rest easy knowing that no bits have been missed and your oven has been cleaned to a professional standard and it is much safer to use.

With regards to oven cleaning, we also clean the racks, anyremovable parts and the hobs and extractor hoods. We also carry out lots ofcommercial oven cleaning too. We provide ductwork, ventilation and canopycleaning as well as cleaning other stainless steel items too such as fryers sothey are compliant with buildings and fire regulations and cleaned to the TR/19specifications.

We also offer a wide range of other cleaning services tooincluding hard floors, carpets, upholstery and specialist rug cleaning. Checkout our other services on our website.

This all depends on how busy we are at the time so if you are thinking of having your oven cleaned in a certain time frame, it is always best to call ahead and get a date booked in the diary. As we do get really busy (especially around Christmas time!), some of our customers can schedule their appointment far in advance so it is best to be organised! However, during standard periods we usually schedule appointments around 1 /2 weeks in advance.

If your oven clean is urgent, please speak to a member of the team as we may still be able to help.

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